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London Doctors Clinic is a low-cost, high-quality medical clinic providing medical care exactly when and where you need it. Our central location and long opening times are perfect for any busy commuter or for visitors to London. We are the perfect solution when you need to see a doctor but don't have the time to travel home to see your own GP – or there are no appointments when you need them.

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We aim to provide a friendly, efficient, professional health service at a very reasonable cost.

With the lowest prices in London and fully qualified and very experienced General Practitioners we offer an unrivalled service for anyone needing to see a doctor in central London.

We offer a very easy registration process which can be fully completed online if you so desire.

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General Practitioners

We are General Practitioners and can help you with finding a path through any health problem conceivable.   

For by far the majority of problems we can together find a solution and for anything we can't we have an extensive network of world renowned specialists and experts we work closely with and who we can refer to.

We work with the widest imaginable range of allied health professionals as well. If you need a physiotherapist, dietician, osteopath, psychologist, occupational therapist, psychotherapist or anyone else we can help you find them and arrange a referral.

We are not in competition with the NHS. We believe the NHS does an amazing job but looking after the health of nearly 60 million people for free is a huge task. We believe in patient choice and are there for when the NHS needs a little help or when people need a little more convenience than the NHS can provide.

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