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The Doctors Clinic Group – Who we are

Introducing The Doctors Clinic Group – we evolved from London Doctors Clinic in 2019 to offer private GP services nationwide. As the number of clinics grew within London we also wanted to expand out of London and we now have new clinics in Birmingham and Manchester! We offer fast and convenient access to a doctor when you need it. We pride ourselves on being flexible so don’t need to switch from your local GP to see a private doctor at The Doctors Clinic Group. Our online booking form is easy and simple to use and you can easily see when the next available appointment is so you can even see a doctor on the very same day.

Our core service is private GP appointments which range from 15-60 minutes long depending on how much time you feel you need with one of our experienced doctors. As well as our private GP appointments we offer a whole host of other services including referral letters, sick notes or fit notes, mental health support and visa medicals. Flick through some of other popular services below.



Our private GP service in Birmingham & Manchester offers you a range of appointment times, which you can choose. Our most popular appointment time is our 15-minute slot from £75, and most medical enquiries can be answered in this consultation time. We also offer 30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute appointments if you feel that you need to spend some more time with a dedicated doctor.

As well as our in-clinic appointments, you can also see a doctor with our video appointments service. All you need to do is book an appointment and we’ll connect you to one of our doctors through your phone or laptop.

We have hundreds of blood tests available at The Doctors Clinic Group. We cover all of the popular blood tests – full-blood-count, abo group testing, thyroid function tests and more. Take a look at our A-Z blood tests lists for more information on the blood tests we offer.

How it works is super simple, book a standard GP appointment online, we’ll take a blood sample in the appointment at no extra cost, your sample will be sent to our accredited labs and we’ll share your results within 48 hours.

A fully confidential service offering STI tests, STD tests, plus support and advice on contraception, fertility and more. As well as our individual STI tests, we have screening options that include testing for more than one STI or STD – prices start from just £69 (plus consultation fee) and you’ll receive your results within 48 hours.

Book an appointment using our online booking form and with same day options you can see a doctor as quickly as you need to.

Stay on top of your health and wellbeing with our health screens. From a comprehensive full body MOT to more focused health screens we’ll have a screening option for you. Speak to one of our doctors to find out the best option for you.  

Once you’ve chosen the health check that best suits you, one of our doctors or nurses will conduct the screening and once complete you’ll receive a medical report, which can be discussed with a doctor if you need to.


We aim to bring you a service that is tailored to you, which is why we’ve made booking to see a doctor easy and accessible – whether you want to see a doctor in clinic or via a video appointment, we’re here when you need us.


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*Please note if you have any testing at our clinics outside of London that requires a swab, urine or blood sample we aim to get results back to you within 48 hours.