Would YOU Pay £55 For a GP Appointment?

Would YOU pay £55 to see your doctor? Dr Seth Rankin is featured in the Daily Express!

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Many people often mistake private healthcare providers as competition for the NHS, as part of a plan for complete privatisation. At LDC, we disagree: we believe the two can complement each other, as Dr Seth Rankin writes in this article:

"We are rightly very proud of our NHS and collectively we pay billions every year for it. So why should we pay to see a private doctor when GP appointments should be free? Private doctors are just for the super-rich and celebrities aren’t they?"

Despite this common perception the price to see a private doctor can be as little as £55 and for this you get to see a highly experienced GP for a 15-minute appointment. From a patient perspective the real benefit of seeing a private GP is convenience. 

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