Cosmo Asks LDC All About Nipples

Cosmo Asks LDC All About Nipples

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Cosmopolitan asked London Doctors Clinic founder, Dr Seth Rankin, all about nipples, those pigmented areas we all have, even though 99% aren't currently breastfeeding. In the article, all the hard-hitting questions were answered:

  • Why do men have nipples?
  • Just how strange was Chandler for having a "nubbin"?
  • When should you be concerned about changes to your nipples?
  • Is there a normal size, colour & shape to nipples?
  • Can nipples get infected?
  • Are nipple piercings harmful?
  • What makes nipples erect?
  • Why do some people have "innies"?
  • Why are there hairs?

The full article can be found here on the Cosmo website.




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