LDC's Dr Seth Rankin Speaks To Cosmo: 8 Reasons You Need To Pee!

LDC's Dr Seth Rankin Speaks To Cosmo: 8 Reasons You Need To Pee!

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London Doctors Clinic founder, Dr Seth Rankin, speaks to popular women's magazine, Cosmopolitan regarding our need to pee, explaining not only why the human body needs to be able to pee, but suggesting eight reasons why you may find yourself needing to pee more often than normal!

So, what are the reasons you need to pee more often than usual?


1. Drinking too much! 

Drinking plenty of water is good for you, but drinking too much will just keep you running to the loo!

2. An overactive bladder 

3. A symptom of diabetes 

This can be easily tested for with one quick blood test, measuring blood sugar levels.

4. Urinary incontinent 

5. The nervous pee

6. A small bladder 

7. Drinking too much alcohol or caffeine 

8. Simply habit! 


If you're at all concerned about your peeing habits, it might be useful to see you GP or private GP to check your kidneys out, via a Kidney Function Test.

Dr Rankin is quickly becoming one of Cosmo's go-to doctors for advice on all things women-related, from Nipples and Wearing Your Bra in Bed, to the Oral Contraceptive Pill! Find links for today's article on The Need To Pee, and many more, in this article!

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