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London Bridge Reopened

As part of the reopening of London Doctors Clinic's new and expanded London Bridge clinic, LDC has teamed with Team London Bridge to offer London Bridge Deal Card holders 10% off all of our GP Services.

Top 10 Reasons Not To Get Tested For HIV

We list the excuses our doctors commonly hear, as to why patients think they're immune to HIV, and therefore refuse to get tested... Because no-one likes needles!

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

With this week being National HIV Testing Week, London Doctors Clinic is spreading the word on HIV. From information about the virus to commonly heard excuses for not getting tested, the ultimate goal is to stop it from spreading. We have all heard about HIV, but misinformation is dangerous, so these are the things we all need to know about HIV:

12 Things You Might Not Have Known About HIV

As part of National HIV Testing Week 2016, we bring you 12 things that you might not have known about HIV – from how it (probably) began, to who is most likely to be affected.

Winter Health

Top tips for keeping in good health this winter, from avoiding colds to keeping warm. Staying outside and keeping warm can help you avoid the cold and flu so you can enjoy the most of the season!

Anxiety: How Much Is Too Much?

It's perfectly healthy to get nervous or anxious about things - we all do. Anxiety is a sliding scale, and we're all somewhere on the spectrum, fluctuating up and down over time. But how do you know when it's getting too much?

LDC Comes to Canary Wharf

The Docklands & East London Advertiser features London Doctors Clinic on its expansion to Canary Wharf and what the new one-stop shop clinic means for East London private healthcare.

Do You Like A Drink? Or Two?

It's alcohol awareness week, so we're encouraging people to take a moment to consider their alcohol intake. Most of us do it, but do we realise the extent to which we do? How often do you drink? And what's your poison?

Cosmo Asks LDC All About Nipples

Cosmopolitan asks London Doctors Clinic all about nipples like: why do men have nipples, are there normal nipple sizes, shapes & colours, and just how strange was it for Chandler to have a "nubbin"?

Diabetes: Symptoms To Watch Out For

We've all heard of diabetes, and might know a thing or two about the condition, but do you know what the initial symptoms to look out for are?

Can I Take Medication While Pregnant?

During pregnancy, most drugs taken cross through the placenta and reach the baby. Therefore, it is vital to know which over-the-counter medications are safe if you are feeling under the weather.

One Virus, Two Conditions: Chickenpox & Shingles

Shingles can catch you off-guard, causing pain and a rash in an unusual presentation - usually just on one side of the body. Approximately 25% of us will experience Shingles at some point in our lives. We explain the symptoms, cause and management of this uncomfortable condition.

The Huffington Post features LDC founder

The Huffington Post features London Doctors Clinic founder, Dr Seth Rankin, on how private healthcare can help ease the burden on the NHS and reduce queues.

Vertigo: Are You Sick of Feeling Dizzy?

Have you ever experienced the sensation of spinning, whirling or losing your balance? There are a number of medical explanations for feeling dizzy, including today's blog topic: Vertigo.

The Zika Story: November Update

A topic of concern for many of our patients, many months on from the initial outbreak, and likely will continue to be for months to come. At London Doctors Clinic, we strive to keep patients updated on the Zika virus, and Zika screening as best we can.

What do Heart Attacks, Strokes and Aneurysms have in common?

The vascular system is the most vital aspect for life, bringing essential oxygen and nutrients to supply our organs. Without the constant perfusion of blood through arteries and veins, our tissues quickly begin to degenerate and die. But what happens when our vascular system is compromised by diseases, such as strokes, heart attacks and aneurysms?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The most common cancer in women; breast cancer will affect one in eight women at some point in their lives. That's why it's absolutely essential that women are aware and well-educated on the topic, to catch cases early for a better prognosis.

LDC Expands to Fleet Street

London Doctors Clinic has expanded again! Our new Fleet Street location is located at the corner of Fleet Street and Farringdon, a one-minute walk from City Thameslink and 5 from St Paul’s Station and Blackfriars Station, serving the Central Line, District Line and Circle Line in addition to National Rail Service. Appointments just £55!

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