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London Doctors Clinic is seeking additional funding to grow its footprint and continue making affordable general practice accessible to all Londoners and visitors.

Motor Neurone Disease

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As part of Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month: Symptoms, Causes, Prevalence, Treatment, & Notable MND Sufferers.

Sleep Hygiene: Insomnia & Sleep Deprivation

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Like many things in life, sleep is something you just don’t value until it’s gone. A good night’s sleep can be very easily taken for granted, however after a few days, or even weeks, of lack of sleep, we suddenly realise how integral sleep is to our wellbeing.

Diabetes Crisis

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As part of National Diabetes Week, we've put together this fact-sheet on everything you need to know about diabetes!

What Causes Hay fever?

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It is estimated that over 10 million people in England suffer from Hayfever. But do you really know what causes it?

Silent Heart Attacks

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Shocking new research has revealed that almost half of all heart attacks are clinically "silent", without any outward symptoms - meaning many of us could have had, or be having, heart attacks without ever knowing! So can we afford to be complacent with our heart health?

Fertility & Conception

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Starting a family is an important part of any society. But unfortunately, this is far easier for some than it is for others. We've put together a few facts and figures on fertility and trying to conceive, for those impatiently awaiting the patter of tiny feet!

The Zika Virus

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The Zika Outbreak in South America has been all over the media recently, but how much do you actually know - or need to know - about it? We've put together a few frequently asked questions, to advise you on the topic.


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Sunburn & how to avoid it!

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