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Do You Drink Enough?

It's coming to the end of Dry January, and our week of alcohol awareness - February is just around the corner! So today we're asking: do you drink ENOUGH? No, not alcohol, but WATER!

The Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol

With the onset of a New Year, many of us are thinking about ways that we can get healthier in 2017, such as by giving up alcohol. So other than the positive effect on your bank balance, what other benefits are there to participating in Dry January?

Liver Disease: How Healthy Is Your Liver?

Our liver is a strong organ, surviving daily insults by means of alcohol, foods, medications and infections. But sometimes, these insults can cause liver dysfunction, inflammation and scarring. So what signs should you keep an eye out for, that show your liver is unhappy?

Alcohol Poisoning: When Drinking Becomes Dangerous

Do you know the signs of an alcohol overdose? Alcohol poisoning is a serious and sometimes life-threatening result of consuming a large of alcohol in a short period of time. Read on for a debrief on the red flags to watch our for, and what to do if someone is dangerously drunk.

Alcohol Awareness: How Much Do You REALLY Drink?

As January rolls around again, and we recover from December festive frivolities, the spotlight is on our alcohol consumption in the form of Dry January. Even if you're not abstaining from alcohol yourself, we're encouraging increased awareness of drinking alcohol, and highlighting the consequences (medical and otherwise!) of excess drinking!

Creaky Joints? Maybe It's Arthritis

It's thought that there are 10 million people living with Arthritis in the UK. But did you know there are two different types of arthritis, with two very different types of treatment?

Common Sporting Injuries We See at LDC

At London Doctors Clinic, our private doctors see a number of different sporting and musculoskeletal injuries. So, if you’ve taken up a new sport in 2017 or if you are exercising more regularly, don’t let such injuries hold you back!

There's No Running Away From Shin Splints

Another sports injury to watch out for is shin splints: the painful inflammation of the tissue around the shins. So before you lace up those trainers and prepare for your first run of 2017, make sure you know how to exercise safely, to developing painful sports injuries!

Seven Alternative Sports to Try in 2017

So you’d like to try out a new sport, but aren’t really sure where to begin. Why not have a read of London Doctors Clinic’s top seven alternative sports to try in 2017!

8 Ultimate Sports Events To Try in 2017

At London Doctors Clinic, we provide sports medicals needed for many sporting events! So if you’ve made the very brave decision of setting yourself a great big fitness goal to meet this year and need that all important examination, you’re in the right place!

Do Life Well

Our motto at London Doctors Clinic is “Do Life Well”. But what does it mean to us? How have our Instagram followers been doing life well? See for yourself...

What Runs, But Never Gets Tired?

It's Water! Do you drink enough of it? A new year is here, and that means one thing – New Year's resolutions! One of the easiest, yet most beneficial, resolutions is to drink more water! This simple change will help your body and mind, so why not give it a try?

The Most Common New Years' Resolution: Weight Loss!

Losing weight is the subject of hundreds of articles and books every year - it’s a big business! With the availability of cheap unhealthy food and the difficulty to build exercise into our lifestyles, it’s only going to get bigger. So why is it so difficult to lose weight? What are we doing wrong?!

Healthy Heart, Healthy You!

The adult heart beats about 100,000 times per day (that’s at least once per second) - hard work, hey! That's why it's so essential to keep it healthy, to keep the risk of heart disease at bay. But how do you maintain a healthy heart?

Carrying A Few Extra Pounds?

The topic of our waistlines is often a touchy one, after all, no-one likes to be told they're overweight. Perhaps this is why as a nation, we're gradually getting bigger and bigger, burying our heads in the politically correct sand. We tackle the topic of Obesity. So if you're sporting a fuller figure these days, do read on! No more excuses...

Stop! Should You Really Be Eating That?

None of us are saints when it comes to food. We all have a weak spot in our diets - whether that be a few too many coffees throughout the week, a couple of naughty chocolate biscuits, or even that Friday night takeaway. So does that mean we're all eating unhealthily? Find out in our guide to healthy eating!

The Thyroid Gland & Thyroid Hormones

The thyroid gland forms part of a system in the body whose hard work usually goes unnoticed… until something goes wrong. Meet the endocrine system!

Insomnia: Catching Those Z's!

Like many parts of good health, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone! A good night's sleep is something we often take for granted, and a lack of sleep can leave you feeling drained. So, what is insomnia and what can be done to catch that essential shut-eye?

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