Mr Amer Khan

Mr Amer Khan, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, is a dual fellowship, highly trained surgeon and sports arthroscopist working within an experienced multidisciplinary team.

As well as being trained in all aspect of general Orthopaedics and Trauma he has particular interests in the biological preservation of the joint and where appropriate he is apt as avoiding unnecessary invasive surgical procedures.  Where surgery is necessary for the knee his expertise includes ACL reconstruction and repair techniques, multi-ligament reconstruction/repair (MCL, PCL, PLC, LCL, ALL & MPFL) and all aspects of revision surgery,  meniscal and cartilage preservation including repair, partial replacement and transplant surgery and the management and treatment of chondral defects/ulcers including injection therapy, microfracture and scaffold matrix graft as well as realignment and osteotomy procedures and the management of fractures.

For the shoulder, his expertise includes all arthroscopic procedures including treatment for impingement, frozen shoulder, instability (dislocations), rotator cuff and tendon tears/injuries, labral tears, biceps injury and the management of fractures.  Mr Khan is also skilled in the treatment of soft tissue injury to the hip including impingement, CAM lesions and labral tears.


Mr Amer Khan