What is our affiliate programme?

Our affiliate programme is a method for employers, website owners, media owners and relevant medical practitioners to track patients they have referred to the London Doctors Clinic for monthly billing in arrears, discounts, or even to earn money.

How it works?

Once you register as a London Doctors Clinic affiliate you will be given creative content and a unique link to our website. You can display this link on your website, employees desktops, email or, if you are booking patients directly, you can use the link to make these bookings. When a visitor comes to our website using your unique link we will track their activity and record if an appointment is booked. We then track if that patient attends the appointment so that we associate them with your negotiated package. You will be provided with login information so that you can track your referrals in near real-time.

What are the benefits?

It depends on the nature of what you are looking for, but it can be a simple way to ensure your employees are cared for conveniently, patient discounts are applied at the time of the consultation, or even you that you get paid an agreed upon amount for every customer who attends the clinic and has a consultation. Sales are confirmed regularly and, depending on the nature of your arrangement with LDC, the company will be billed at agreed upon intervals, the patient will receive a discount at the time of the consultation, or you will be paid in the month following sales being confirmed. We do offer higher discounts or commissions for affiliates who send us higher volumes of sales or websites with high strategic value to us.

Programme restrictions

We are happy for most people and companies to join our affiliate programme however you must abide by our terms and conditions. This includes how you portray our business on your website and any media where you must follow our guidelines. These guidelines include not editing our creative and ensuring you only promote offers and incentives that we have supplied which must be kept updated at all times. We do not allow any affiliate partners to buy any media on our behalf including Pay Per Click traffic, display advertising, social media and email marketing. Should you wish to purchase any media and use our name and promotion details within these adverts you must have permission from us first. We reserve the right to remove any affiliate from the program, for any reason, at any time.