Cosmopolitan recently asked LDC founder and CEO, Dr Seth Rankin, why we feel the need to splash the cash when we’re drunk (and subsequently buy every single person at the bar a drink)! So, just what are the reasons we’re more like to whip out our (already maxed out) cards at every possible opportunity on a night out?


1. Memory loss - we experience short term memory loss on a night out (not just the morning after) and often forget that we’ve already spent all of our cash on drinks…

2. Drinking makes us forget our money worries, making us more care-free!

3. We develop an inability to calculate - drinking alcohol affects the part of our brain that temporary holds information (so that we can process it). So, there goes our ability to accurately split the tab six ways…

4. The ease of contactless cards. Alcohol makes us more impulsive and being able to pay for our round via a simple tap of a card (rather than counting out money or inputting our pin) means there is less time for an “emotive response”.

5. Drinking unleashes our inner social butterflies and results in more extreme or excessive social behaviours.

6. A desire to assert dominance on the group - buying the drinks means we gain the attention and gratitude of the people we're with.

7. And all that gratitude/ generosity inflates our mood (in the very, very short term).


To read the full article and find out (in more detail) exactly what transforms us from frugal beings, into frivolous and generous givers, visit the Cosmopolitan website!