eConsultancy, the online digital business platform, asked Mark Lea, Commercial Manager, all about London Doctors Clinic, London's largest private GP clinic chain. 


What does he do? How has that changed since he was the third employee 1.5 years ago? 

What kind of skills and tools does he need to be effective in his role? What all is needed in order to coordinate the effective launching of new services?

What does an average day - if such a thing existed - look like at LDC? What sort of growth and changes can be forecasted as LDC continues to grow and make private healthcare affordable and accessible to all Londoners. 

What does he like about his job? Is there anything he doesn't?

What goals and KPIs are used to measure success, in his role and for LDC as a whole?

How does his previous experience in different industries help in his current role at LDC?

Finally, any advice for others out there looking to do something similar?


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