Has all this running chat got you feeling inspired? Good news – we at London Doctors Clinic have put together a list of running (and fitness) bloggers to help you find your stride…


1. We Are TRIBE

An all round great resource from the makers of TRIBE bars (performance nutrition made from natural ingredients - we've tried them and we must say, they are delicious!). The blog combines training tips, recipes and adventure posts - recent articles that may help your running journey include, "Nutrition and Hydration For Marathon Running" and "The Science Behind Ice Baths". 


2. Adrienne LDN

Adrienne is an Adidas ambassador, personal trainer and UK health, fitness and wellness blogger - so she knows what she is talking about! In her blog, she covers women's fitness, active style, recipes, plus much more. She's also running the London Marathon on Sunday and has written about her training experience: "I'm Running My First Marathon" and "London Marathon - 1 Week To Go" - go check her out!


3. The Runner Beans 

The Runner Beans is a blog by Charlie - a marathon runner and self-proclaimed 'fitness junkie'. She first started the blog "to document training for [her] first marathon as a non-runner" and has since run four more! It covers a range of different topics - from workout posts and exercise class reviews, to race recaps and lifestyle posts. Find them, here


4. Cakes Vs. Scales

This blog is by Katie from Northampton - a runner who's taken on three marathons and climbed five 4,500m mountains (wow!). We loved the blog posts, "Training For My Third Half Marathon" and "Smiling Through A Runners Low" - the latter of which talks about how, sometimes it's not really about the time or the pace that you run at, it's about enjoying it! 


5. Lazy Girl Running

Laura, author of Lazy Girl running, combines knowledge gathered from being an Athletics Coach in Running Fitness, Personal Trainer and Journalist & Editor (specialising in women's health) to create her amazing blog. Although she says that she hasn’t always loved running (taking it up in her late 20s!), she’s tackled marathons and ultramarathons – check out blog posts “Running 9 Years On: What’s Changed” and “Keep Calm and Marathon”! 


6. Chinae Alexander 

A great Instagram account to follow! Chinae is also sponsored by Adidas and is a runner, but she doesn't have the typical 'fitness blogger' look - she is focused on promoting self-love and confidence! Find out more about, here


7. Fitness On Toast 

While the blog isn't specifically running-focused, Fitness On Toast, founded by Faya Nilsson, covers many areas, is truly inspirational and includes lots of beautiful photos! The site shares “the knowledge and experience [Faya] has gained as a personal trainer with people all over the world who are just as passionate and enthusiastic about striving for a healthy, sustainable life”. 


8. Hip and Healthy 

Not technically a blog, nor does it focus entirely on running, but we thought we’d slip it in anyway! This active-wear website come wellbeing magazine covers a wide range of topics: recipes, health, beauty, travel, style and includes spotlights on key influencers (like Naturally Sassy, Leah Kim and Tiffany Watson) and fab video content. We loved the running posts, “Winter Run Survival Guide” and “Give Yourself a Motivation Makeover”!


And if you have any top running tips or blogs to follow, why not let us know?!