For those of you that haven’t heard of it, HealthPad is a health-focused publishing platform that connects patients and doctors. Through its extensive video library (along with text and imagery), it brings together seemingly disparate fields, making knowledge in the medical field more cohesive and accessible to the general public. One of its many benefits is that it enables patients to be more informed, meaning they have a more constructive input in when meeting with the doctor. It also allows the patient to meet the doctor before actually meeting them in person.

You can see LDC founder and CEO, Dr Seth Rankin’s, HealthPad profile here. We’ve picked out a handful (from a very long list) of his publications and discussed them below…


Why do some people seem to be able to eat anything and not put on any weight?

  • This is just a very common myth!
  • There is no such thing as eating lots and not putting on weight.
  • The body is a machine – it works with the energy you put in and the energy that comes out.

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Do people have different metabolic rates?

  • Simply, no!
  • People put weight on, at the end of the day, because they are taking in more energy and not putting as much energy out.

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How important are online doctors in primary care?

  • Internet communications with patients is going to be increasingly important in the future, because there is a demand from patients themselves, the NHS and the legislators.
  • Why is this? Because people are living increasingly mobile lives.
  • It is difficult in the current system that we have set up (where GP practices are near patients’ homes rather than their place of work or wherever else they are), and we need to be able to address this.
  • Ways to address it include Skype, FaceTime and email consultations.
  • People’s are living more “24 hour” lifestyles – so, if you can bank online 24/7, why can’t you manage your healthcare online 24/7? We need to develop this area a lot more, through rich media. 

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To what extent do UK primary care practices and doctors use social media to communicate with their patient?

  • At the moment, not much! But there is huge scope for that to get better.
  • A lot of practices have a Facebook or Twitter page, but they are not used that much to communicate with patients.
  • The majority of practices have some form of email contact.
  • But there is so much more than can be done!
  • For example, a small number of practices have begun video clips of consultations to explain common conditions and to help patients get to know their doctors better.
  • It is in its infancy and it is a massive area that can be developed.

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