How to get a hotel doctor in London

London is a bustling city and has so many tourist attractions available, it makes for an incredibly busy place! Unfortunately, because it attracts so many visitors, this frequently means some visitors can become ill on their travels and not have their regular doctor on hand. This can cause its own complications and could be cause for you to get hotel Doctors. We have answered some of the most common frequently asked questions about hotel Doctors.

How Much is a Hotel Doctor?

One of the first things people tend to ask is “how much is a hotel Doctor”.? A hotel Doctor isn’t as expensive as you may think. If you find yourself in need of advice from a medical professional – then a hotel Doctor is likely to cost you in the region of from £89 for a consultation which lasts for around 15 minutes to get an idea of what may be wrong. This sum of money isn’t much to pay for peace of mind for you and your family, and well worth the money to anyone who may be visiting London and subsequently ends up being taken ill.

Why Would I get a Hotel Doctor?

There are many reasons why you would get a hotel Doctor. It could be due to something as insignificant as a cold that you would like treatment or assistance with. On the other hand, it may be as a result of injury or pain that you may be experiencing. With a hotel Doctor, you can look forward to the convenience of having someone visit you exactly where you are staying without having to visit somewhere you haven’t been before in a strange place.

How long do you have to wait for a hotel Doctor? That’s the best part – you can call a hotel Doctor whenever you want. There aren’t any time restrictions on it; whenever you need medical assistance, you can give them a call.

Are Hotel Doctors Real Doctors?

There can be a little bit of concern in the healthcare industry when there is anything new that’s introduced or not traditional. There doesn’t need to be any concern when dealing with hotel Doctors. They are all qualified doctors and have to respect the same rules as regular GP’s. They can do everything that you would expect from a Doctor visit including write prescriptions. All information is all strictly confidential too, so if the issue is sensitive, then that’s not something you need to worry about – and you don’t need to sit in a waiting room of a Doctor’s surgery.

Hopefully, we have cleared up some questions you may have about hotel Doctors in London – and how they can help you should the need arise.