London Bridge Clinic: Reopened!


At LDC, we’re excited to announce that as part of the reopening of our new and expanded London Bridge Clinic. We’ve also partnered up with Team London Bridge, who’s mission is “to ensure London Bridge excels as a leading place for global commerce and continues to develop as a pioneering local centre for enterprise, culture and entertainment.”

Team London Bridge’s activities can be grouped under a few key headings:

  • Responsible business – Helping businesses with their Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Safety and security – Making the area as safe and secure as possible
  • Street scene – Enhancing the street scene
  • Place marketing and promotion – Raising the profile of the area and its businesses
  • Creating connections – Organising networking and information events

LDC is now supporting and helping Team London Bridge in its mission. Our convenient and affordable GP Surgery services provide for residents, workers, commuters and tourists with everything from GP consultations, blood & urine tests and medications to ear syringing and healthcare screens. We also recognise the value of employees, offering corporate services for employee benefits, which are great for staff morale and reducing absenteeism.

At our London Bridge clinic, we promise that there will be no wait times, no hassle, and only the best care with our from £89, 15 minute GP consultations. If you are not in London Bridge and need to see a private doctor or GP, do not worry – we have 7 other clinics across London!

As an additional perk, London Bridge Deal holders get 10% off of our 15 minute consultations, in-house medications and blood tests at our London Bridge clinic. Simply quote “LONDON BRIDGE DEAL CARD” when booking and remember to bring your card! So if you are in need of a private doctor or GP, LDC have got you covered.