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It’s almost here! The London Marathon takes to the streets on 23rd April (that’s this Sunday!) and even the non-runners amongst us are feeling inspired to dust off their trainers, plug in their headphones and run/ jog/ powerwalk/ plod along to their favourite songs – or simply watch from the side line in the (fingers crossed) sun. We thought we’d take this opportunity to offer some last minute advice to those taking on the big challenge – whether it’s your first time, or you’re a marathon pro, read what team LDC have got to say…


What Dr Sam says… 

Whatever you do, do not get into a hot bath after the race (no matter how tempting it might seem at the time). I learned this the hard way, after running the Paris Marathon!

Sam is a doctor for a London rugby team, sails competitively around the world and has run a number of marathons!


What Alister says… 

Don’t worry about your sleep the night before. You’re likely to be feeling nervous, worried, excited, etc. so might not be able to sleep well – it’s all about catching your Z’s in the week before. On the day, don’t go out too hard. The first 5Ks might be quick and easy, but half way in and you’ll be paying for it big style. Run according to a planned heart rate or GPS pace.

Alister competition expertise comes from his competitive rowing – he is a Belgium and Australian national champion and has won Henley.


What Christian says… 

You might get some butterflies before the race, but just get the music going and enjoy the experience. It’s one of the most amazing days of your life, and you may not win the lottery to compete again. 

Christian has always enjoyed running, taking on the London Marathon in 2014.


What Mark (who plans on watching from the side line) says… 

Take a good sign!

Mark ran track in high school. 


And best of luck from the rest of us at LDC!