Victoria Bid Privilege Card Welcomes London Doctors Clinic!

At the London Doctors Clinic, we are excited to announce that we have entered a partnership with the Victoria BID. The Victoria Business Improvement District and has a goal to not only bring economic success to the Victoria area, but also to build a sense of Community.


The Victoria Bid proposes 5 key areas of focus, named:

  • Safety & Security
  • Clean & Green
  • Showcase Victoria
  • Destination Victoria
  • Economic prosperity.


As such The London Doctors Clinic is part of the effort to make the area secure and renewable while promoting the area as a nodal hub for not only business, but entertainment, leisure and events. This is where we can help. As a medical centre, we provide for residents, worker, commuters and tourists and specialise in your convenience. At our Victoria Clinic, we promise that there will be no wait times, no hassle and the best of care with our from £89 consultation for 15 minutes with a fully qualified Private GP (10% less with the Victoria Privilege Card offer). However, if your not in Victoria and are in need of a Private Doctor, make sure to visit any other London Clinic of our other 5 Central London locations.

 We provide Services like that of:

  • GP Consultations
  • Blood & Urine Tests
  • Ear Syringing
  • Healthcare Screens
  • Medications


As such, the Victoria BID Project is engaged with commuters, workers and residents to make sure that the Victoria area does not just become a tourist area but is geared towards the residents themselves.


The Victoria BID has made our quality care even better with their Victoria BID offers that include restaurants, hotels, retailers and better yet the Victoria BID Privilege card gets you 10% off of our service. So if you’re in need of a Private doctor or GP London Doctors clinic have you covered!