It seems that almost everywhere you look online, there is an article telling you how beneficial it is to wake up early, and how best to become that enviable morning person. The steps seem relatively simple to follow and somewhat self-explanatory – but for those of us who simply hate the idea of waking up (especially when the mornings are cold and dark), it can be tough to set an alarm and even tougher to break the habit of hitting snooze and sleeping in!

We at LDC have put together a list of tips to help you build your morning (and night before) rituals – things that you can do each and every day. (Remember our post from Forbes? By repeating things every day, we create habits. And from these habits and repetition comes automaticity, which makes things feel more effortless and easy).


The night before...

1. Prep for a good morning 

You could make a to-do list and cross things off when you have completed them. For example, prepping tomorrow’s lunch, ironing tomorrow’s clothes, and packing tomorrow’s bag for work. Include anything that will make the morning run smoothly, so that you can wake up ready to take on the day!

2. Set yourself an (earlier) bed time

And have some “wind down” time before. Create an atmosphere that helps you feel relaxed and sleepy – i.e. no electronics, dim lighting… By getting enough quality sleep (the recommended seven to nine hours), it will make it much easier to get up in the morning. We promise, that Netflix episode can wait!



The morning of... 

1. Reward yourself for not hitting the snooze button 

Which, FYI, can make you feel even more sleepy, as it interrupts natural sleep cycles. Use the time you save to do something positive (which can affect your mood for the entire day). For example, you could listen to the radio or read a chapter of a book.


And, if you simply cannot resist that snooze button, try putting your alarm clock or phone on the other side of the room. By getting out of bed to turn your alarm off, you may be less tempted to get back in!

2. Set your alarm clock to a sound that is pleasant for you

According to, these are the best songs to wake up to in the morning!

3. Stay consistent

Wake up at the same time every morning. This will stabilise your circadian rhythm, meaning you become naturally tired at the same time each night.

4. Let there be light

Did you know that our brains are sensitive to light and temperature? This is why we tend not to sleep as well after a certain time in the morning. Although the winter months do make natural morning light hard to come by (especially if you have to be up and out before the sun has even risen), you can now buy special daylight lamps. For example, the "Lumie Bodyclock Starter Daylight Lamp" wakes you up gradually with a 30 minute sunrise. 

5. Drink plenty of water 

Your body needs hydrating after sleep. And water can help with mood, energy and clarity. Why not try a glass of water water with a slice of lemon?

6. Exercise

As says "Our bodies are wired to peak alertness first thing in the morning. Therefore, starting your day with a workout can help boost the morning energy surge, as you will have elevated body temperature and elevated adrenalin levels for several hours after you exercise.  Additionally, exercising before breakfast burns more fat calories and results in more weight loss than exercising after breakfast, according to research."

7. Eat a good breakfast

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So make it something you can look forward to getting out of bed for.


Hopefully these tips can help you build your morning rituals and get you on your way to becoming a morning person. For more on New Year's Resolutions, check out our page!