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Shocking new research has revealed that almost half of all heart attacks are clinically “silent”, without any outward symptoms – meaning many of us could have had, or be having, heart attacks without ever knowing! So can we afford to be complacent with our heart health?


Starting a family is an important part of any society. But unfortunately, this is far easier for some than it is for others. We’ve put together a few facts and figures on fertility and trying to conceive, for those impatiently awaiting the patter of tiny feet!

NEW SERVICE: See a private physiotherapist without a referral for sports injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation, frozen shoulder, sciatica, carpal tunnel and arthritic conditions.

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The Zika Outbreak in South America has been all over the media recently, but how much do you actually know – or need to know – about it? We’ve put together a few frequently asked questions, to advise you on the topic.

Are you experiencing mild hearing loss? It could be a build-up of ear wax. We offer an ear syringing service at all our clinics.

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NHS doctor starts up successful private clinics Dr Rankin is the founder of the London Doctors Clinic. In just two years, they have treated more than 3,000 patients and opened several clinics around the capital, each situated near a major train station. Convenience is a key word for Dr Rankin: while he knows the NHS […]

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