Same Day GP

Ever need a same day doctor or a private GP but have been unable to get an appointment? You’re not alone. Patient surveys have estimated at around 9.8 million - 12 million appointments nation wide are missed annually and we estimate at least 5.5 million of them are missed in London, due to the NHS being unable to cope with the quantity of appointments wanted. The NHS does a wonderful job, and is wholly unique, but there is little doubt that from time to time it suffers from being overburdened.

At the London Doctors clinic, we do our bit to help those people with missed appointments, because when your health is at stake there is no reason why you should wait for an appointment to come to you. Our service offers sameday doctors who offer not only an enhancement on the standard GP service but also the convenience.  We have same day doctors in every clinic and our online booking system will make sure that you will see a doctor on the same day, and at a time that will suit your needs. Private blood tests and even full medical screens can be done by our GP’s with results back as soon as 4 hours in many cases. We know that you’re busy and don’t want to spend most of your time waiting in walk in clinics. Our system of same day doctor service promises to skip the hassle that comes with wait times to make sure that your time is most efficiently spent.

We provide all the services expected of your GP, be it:

  • Dispensing medication on site
  • Standard consultation
  • Blood & Urine tests
  • Healthcare screens

Our same day doctors make sure that you no longer have an excuse to neglect your health, and that when you really need a doctor but no appointment comes your way, that we will be there! So come in if you’re every worried about your health for a 15 minute consultation at an affordable price of from £89, available at any London clinic of our 6 locations.