What is an employee health screen? 

The success of your business depends on your people, therefore keeping your employees healthy is key. An employee health screen is a range of tests and checks carried out by a healthcare professional among staff to identify any risks and improve employee wellbeing. They often find diseases and conditions early so there’s a better chance of treatment and recovery. Health screens also allow employees to talk to a healthcare expert in detail about any issues. This includes any existing conditions or general questions or concerns.

A health screen is a routine health assessment. It is an essential and effective way for both the employer and employee to keep track of health issues that may be exacerbated by work. Employee health screens also help monitor the general fitness and lifestyle of your team. Health screens consist of health checks like blood pressure readings, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, urine tests and more...

Why are health screens so beneficial for employees? 

Employee health screening is beneficial to lay a foundation of health awareness at the workplace. Employee health screening is valuable for both employees and the organisation in many ways.

Promotes the importance of a healthy lifestyle for employees

Regular health screens create awareness for the importance of a healthy lifestyle inside and outside of work. Due to a hectic working scheme, some employee may not have time for regular check-ups, thereby neglecting their health needs. A health screening programme within the workplace would provide beneficial lifestyle advice such as stress management or how to quit smoking.

Preventative healthcare for employees

Sometimes the body doesn’t show symptoms or are not detected until it is too late. Health screens can detect employee illnesses before they are ever serious. Employees get regular health assessments and reports for their health and wellbeing.

For example, regular blood pressure and cholesterol checks can let employees know about an undetected heart condition.  They can highlight ways in which an employee can improve their lifestyle to avoid any future cardiac issues.

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You are more aware of your team’s health and wellbeing

All our health screens are completely confidential however if an employee wishes to disclose their results with their employer, it could flag areas of concern that you may not have otherwise been mindful of and provide an opportunity for further investigation if they are deemed necessary.

A more engaged and productive workforce

A healthier workforce means one that is more engaged, more productive and less absent. This creates a healthy work environment for employees and improves employees' work-life balance. Investing in employees’ health and wellness initiatives might reduce absenteeism by creating the right working environment, promoting a healthy lifestyle and educating staff about health issues periodically.

A wellness programme such as one that includes employee health screening demonstrates a sustainable business practice as happy and healthy employees promote a positive company image which is more likely to attract business growth and retain staff in the long term.

They show your employees that you care

When employees know that their employer cares, they are more likely to dedicate more effort towards their employer, triggering productivity at work. It also improves attendances as it makes the employees feel valued.

Employee health screens at The Doctors Clinic Group

At the Doctors Clinic Group, we understand that when you look after your people you benefit your business as your team are more productive, happier, and healthier.

We offer a range of corporate LifeSmart health screens to suit all business needs and budgets. All our LifeSmart health screens include a detailed lifestyle review and an analysis of the employee's medical history. Employees receive a detailed report, complete with any findings, recommendations, and necessary Specialist referrals.

If you would like to learn more about our employee health screens or any of our corporate wellbeing offerings, get in touch with our Corporate team by emailing us at [email protected] or call us on 02087 123 762.

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