Love is in the air this week. And whether you are a lover of Valentine’s Day or not, a lot of people will be getting into the spirit of it (if you know what we mean). But, apart from the mere basics, few of us know much about sperm. Which is why The Huffington Post asked London Doctors Clinic founder and CEO, Dr Seth Rankin, all about this life-giving substance.

The article highlights some very interesting sperm-related facts, including…

  1. Sperm can live for up to five days in the vagina
  2. Some women are allergic to sperm
  3. Smoking, bacon and cheese are bad for your sperm
  4. It takes 74 days to grow sperm
  5. Most sperm are deformed
  6. One ball is enough!
  7. Every day enough sperm is ejaculated to fill 11.82 swimming pools
  8. Sperm don’t like it hot
  9. Men need to regularly climax to have healthy sperm
  10. Wi-Fi could be damaging to your sperm
  11. Marvel should make a movie about sperm
  12. Female sperm are stronger than male sperm


The full article can be found on the Huffington Post website. And for loads more information on sexual health, why not check out our page (a must if you’re planning to get frisky on the 14th)?! Happy Valentine’s Day!