Top 10 Hay Fever Remedies

Spring is here! It is time for love, long walks, picnics outside, birdsong and blooming flowers. People who suffer with hay fever will know this period can become a real misery! Red, itchy eyes, runny nose and irritated skin are some of the symptoms that a hay fever sufferer can experience.

If you are someone who wants to stop being a hostage to the allergy season, please follow our tips. We will help you fight the symptoms, and not simply survive Spring but to truly enjoy this romantic period of the year!



  1. Spring clean your home

If you are experiencing symptoms even whilst at home; the problem might be in microscopic mites that live in house dust, or dust that enters your home via open windows. Furthermore, you carry pollen indoors on your clothes, hair, and body when you come back home. An easy way to deal with it is to wipe surfaces down with a wet cloth and laundry as often as possible. Free your home from years of hoarding: less junk equals less dust!


  1. Vaseline

            Vaseline can help reduce symptoms of hay fever. Putting a thin layer of it just inside the nostrils will help catch most of the incoming pollen.


  1. Purchase Antihistamines

Antihistamines, available as tablets or nasal sprays, are commonly used for the treatment of allergy. They eliminate the major symptoms, such as runny nose, itching and sneezing. They usually need to be taken several times a day either as preventatives, before the peak pollen count or during the season as soon as you start to develop symptoms.


  1. Pay attention to what you eat

Include Omega fatty acids found in oily fish, flax seeds, avocado and nuts, daily to boost your immune system. They have an anti-inflammatory advantage. Vitamin D is responsible for a healthy immune system and this can be found in small quantities in , some vegetables, eggs, and soya milk. Add more carotenoids to your diet since they act as antioxidants. Those can be founds in carrots, apricots, pumpkins and spinach.


  1. Honey

Yes, you have heard it right! Honey can reduce hay fever symptoms. The bee-pollen will make you less sensitive to other pollens. For the best result, it is recommended to use the local honey from your area.


  1. Drink more water

            It is important to stay hydrated. The dehydrated body will have a bad effect on the skin, intestines, joints, thereby depriving them of the ability to function normally, and this will only aggravate the situation.



  1. Make yourself some herbal teas

Chamomile tea and Ginger tea can both relieve allergy symptoms. Chamomile tea is known for its anti-inflammatory properties while ginger tea is a strong booster of immune system. Green tea can act as a natural antihistamine, as well as detox your body and give you plenty of energy. Peppermint tea can relieve nasal congestion.


  1. Chilli and Spices

            Hot chilli peppers contain capsaicin, a component which is activated when consumed, opens nasal passages and stimulates normal breathing. Turmeric, the common Indian spice, and cinnamon are considered good anti-inflammatories and natural immune system boosters to combat the effect of pollen!


  1. Self-hypnosis

You can potentially teach yourself to ignore and treat major symptoms of hay fever. A swiss study proved, over a decade ago that hypnosis helped volunteers report improved nasal airflow and other hay fever symptoms. This in turn means less medication!


Do not allow hay fever to ruin your Spring and Summer. If you still have symptoms despite these simple tips and tricks, and want to discuss hay fever medication, our GPs at London Doctors Clinic would be happy to take care of you. Please visit us at any of locations! You can book an appointment online at or by phone 02035 530 266.

Dasha Avdonina