Check your personal details when placing your order 

Please make sure that all of your personal details are correct before confirming your order. This is especially important for your email address and your delivery address. An incorrect email address will impact the receipt of the order confirmation and all communication including dispatch, delivery and return information. Your delivery address cannot be changed once your order is placed so make sure that it’s correct before confirming your order.  

Check your personal details when registering your sample results 

Please make sure all your personal information is correct when you are registering your test kit online. You will receive more information on this when you receive your test through the mail. This information cannot be changed.  

Don’t register too early  

Only register your kit after the sample has been taken as we are unable to change the sample collection date and time. You will receive more information on this when you receive your test through the mail.  

Don’t forget to register your sample 

If you do not register your sample, you will not receive a result. This must be done after you have taken your sample. You will receive more information on this when you receive your test through the mail. 

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Put your booking reference number somewhere safe 

If you are completing a passenger locator form to return to the UK. It is very important that you do not misplace your booking reference number. This is provided with the purchase of your home post-travel Covid tests and will be sent out with your tests.  

Your booking reference number is separate from your receipt number. 

If your booking reference number is not working, triple-check that you are not using your receipt number as these are different.  

Make sure to use the correct test on the correct day 

This is especially important for day 2 and day 8 test pack. Ensure you check the label on the kit before taking your sample.  

Make sure you order the correct test 

Check the government website here to ensure you have ordered the correct tests. Once the order is placed, it cannot be changed or cancelled. If you order the incorrect test, your reference number will not work and therefore you will need to order another test. 

Make sure you order your tests in time 

Make sure you have reviewed our delivery times when you order your home test. Please order your tests early so that they arrive before the required time.  

Make sure you drop your tests off at our lab partner’s dropbox 

After you take your test, you will need to drop it off at one of our lab partner’s drop box locations. You will receive more information on this when you receive your test through the mail. 

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Please ensure that the swab date and time is entered correctly 

The swab date and time must be entered as UK GMT.  

Always follow the instructions that are included in the test kit 

Please read the instructions carefully as this will ensure that a correct sample is taken. Not following the instructions means that you may receive an unclear result. 

You usually do not need a fit to fly letter  

Sometimes a fit to fly is necessary however you often do not need a certificate. Please check with the airline you are travelling with to see if this is necessary. 

Know how to view your results certificate.  

Your name and details are included in the test report which is shared with you via your patient portal. In order to see the full report, you need to click the print icon in the top right corner and open the document as a PDF.