We've all had headaches. They are a complete nuisance, but a fact of life for most, unfortunately. But what causes them? Perhaps more importantly, how can we treat them and even avoid headaches?

Express Online, the online portion of the Daily Express and Sunday Express, ask Dr Seth Rankin, CEO and Founder of London Doctors Clinic, all about headaches and what causes them. The main takeaways if you're wondering "Why Do I Have a Headache?":

  • Dehydration - Whether from partying a bit too much or just not drinking enough water, maybe it's a good idea to go grab a glass.
  • Glare - Bright lights aren't always your friend.
  • Lack of Sleep - Sleep Hygiene is important, and many of us could just use a few more ZZZ's.
  • Noise - A loud bang or constant clamour is rarely fun.
  • Sloth - The deadly sin can also take a toll on your head.
  • Slouching - Your school teacher was right, and it really is best to have proper form. 
  • Hunger - As if you needed another reason for that croissant in the morning, now you know it may not be completely as guilty as you think.

Unfortunately, these are just the most common reasons, and there are myriad other reasons for headaches and pains, so if you are still suffering, maybe consider going to any London clinic of our 6 central locations. 

The full article can be found on Express Online