The Huffington Post features London Doctors Clinic’s founder and CEO, Dr Seth Rankin, on the current problems with the NHS (for a second time!).

In the article, Dr Rankin suggests that while the NHS is successful in keeping the UK population well, treating chronic illnesses and providing numerous jobs, it is not so successful in consumer service and convenience.

Dr Rankin believes that the reasons for such challenges lie in the fact that the NHS is a public service and so is not the most efficient at delivering productivity. He focuses on three key areas


1. Committees

There are a number of committees at every level of the NHS, many of which, Dr Rankin argues, are given mutually incompatible tasks. Therefore, there is constant “back and forth” as committees often disagree. 

2. Employment Contracts

Dr Rankin highlights the fact that the dismissal rate per year in the NHS is around 0.01% - because managing staff is difficult – which has a significant impact on productivity.

3. Activity and Reward

As Dr Rankin says, NHS staff are not paid proportional to the effort they put in – for example, they are generally paid the same no matter how many patients they process. So, it follows that staff morale is often poor.


The article closes by looking at ways to fix the NHS. However, Dr Rankin suggests that “leaving it alone” might be the best idea. Rather, to manage customer service and convenience and tackle low productivity, we should encourage and celebrate the private healthcare system. As a result, this would relieve pressure on the NHS and provide a choice for those that want it.

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To see the full article, visit The Huffington Post.