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COVID-19 Testing for Business Travel

The tourism and aviation climate has changed dramatically over the last year, with travel rules and restrictions ever changing because of the global pandemic. It is important to ensure employees health, safety, and well-being throughout their international travel as this is a critical element to ensuring workplace travel can continue.

At present many countries are requiring passengers to undertake a COVID PCR swab test before flying.

The Doctors Clinic Group is a government approved provider of the ‘gold standard’ PCR swab test for

  • Pre Travel Testing 
  • General Covid testing
  • Test to Release day 5 testing
  • Day 2 and Day 8 testing (single tests; in clinic and via home testing)


Business Travel COVID Testing

The Doctors Clinic Group team have been working closely with a number of companies to provide coronavirus testing and medical expertise to support companies with their business travel requirements, including tests before travelling and returning to the UK. With same day testing available we are suited to help assist companies with short turnaround times to meet strict entry requirements.


How we can help:

  • Same day COVID PCR swab testing
  • Rapid Antigen testing
  • Antibody testing to highlight past exposure to COVID
  • Fit-to-fly certificates
  • Flexibility to complete testing on-site, in clinic or at home via self-collection kits
  • Same day access to our GPs via video worldwide for wellbeing questions and medical advice
  • We are an approved provider for general COVID testing, day 2 and 8 testing for international arrivals and for the Test to Release Programme.


*General Medical Council


Day 2 and Day 8 COVID Tests 

All international arrivals to England must follow government rules on their return. What rules you must follow when you arrive in England from abroad depends on where you have been in the 10 days before you arrive and your vaccination status. Please refer to the government website here for the latest guidance on international travel.

At London Doctors Clinic, we offer flexible solutions to Covid travel tests including day 2 and 8 tests, both in clinic and at home. So your employees can meet this mandatory requirements. Please note your employees are allowed to leave their place of quarantine to travel to a testing centre for their Covid tests.


Test to Release Programme

The Doctors Clinic Group is an approved provider for the Government’s Test to Release Programme for International Travel. This programme gives those who are not fully vaccinated and arriving in England from a non-red list country the option to reduce the length of their self-isolation. 

Under this programme, if your employees receive a negative Covid PCR swab test after their 5th full day of quarantine, they can stop isolating after day 5 if they have not arrived from a red list country. We can provide your employees with the necessary Test to Release Covid PCR swab test, so they can end their isolation early.

Please note that the Test to Release programme is separate from day 2 and day 8 testing and does require an additional Covid PCR test. If your employee tests negative through the Test to Release Programme and finishes their quarantine after day 5, they still need to take their day 8 test if applicable.


Deadlines and Guarantees

Please be aware that you are responsible for checking up to date government guidelines about entry and exit requirements for your destination and compliance with any testing pre and post travel. We advise you to check prior to travel.

No test turnaround times can be 100% guaranteed. We cannot be held accountable for any disruption to travel as a result of any delay in test results.

The decision to accept or decline a COVID-19 Fit to fly certificate is determined by the airline, travel agent or relevant Embassy.


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