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Corporate Coronavirus Testing

Coronavirus testing for businesses

Ongoing testing will play a vital role within many organisations as part of the return to work strategy, therefore making it an essential service to consider.

The Doctors Clinic Group recommends implementing a combined corporate coronavirus testing programme including both the PCR swab tests, and the antibody tests. We can tailor testing programmes to suit the needs of your company, including onsite testing with a team of nurses coming to your specified location or at home with self-testing kits.

Many of our Corporate COVID-19 testing services are available in select clinics. See below table for clinic locations and turnaround times. 


Type of PCR swab Turnaround time Location 
Standard Home PCR Test 2 days from receipt at lab N/A
Standard Onsite Test 2 days from receipt at lab N/A
Next Day PCR Swab Test next day by 8pm Birmingham, Chislehurst, Esher, London Bridge, St. Paul’s, Twickenham, Wandsworth, Waterloo, Wimbledon
Superfast PCR Swab Test  4 – 6 hours  London Bridge, Waterloo
Antibody Clinic Test 1 – 2 days  All Clinics
Antibody Home Test 2 days from receipt at lab N/A
Day 2 and Day 8 In-Clinic (Single Test) 48 hrs London Bridge
Day 2 and Day 8 Home (Single Test) 48 hrs N/A
Test to Release 48hrs Birmingham, Chislehurst, Esher, Guildford, Holborn, London Bridge, Manchester, St Albans, Twickenham, Wandsworth, Waterloo, Wimbledon


Why is coronavirus testing important for your business?

  • To safeguard staff from COVID-19 exposure
  • Minimise disruption to business
  • Reduce absenteeism due to self-isolation
  • To identify those who have been in contact with COVID-19 positive individuals 

Ongoing corporate COVID-19 testing will help your business by enabling you to identify:

  • Symptomatic Individuals who test POSITIVE for COVID-19.
  • Asymptomatic Individuals who test POSITIVE for COVID-19. These are perhaps the most important and pose the highest risk to a workforce. Identifying them prior to returning to will allow you to safeguard all staff.
  • Those individuals with antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 which identify a previous infection.


This will allow you to monitor micro-clusters of infections and protect individuals as required. It is essential to note that positive antibodies will not be assumed to confer immunity to COVID-19 at this stage, though it may indicate a lower susceptibility to a second infection. Research remains ongoing.

What is the recommended COVID-19 testing strategy?

At The Doctors Clinic Group our clinical team recommend using a combined COVID-19 testing programme of both the PCR (swab) test and antibody test for optimal results.

The PCR swab test identifies which employees currently have the active virus and consequently whether they are infectious to others. The second component of the antibody test is crucial in order to understand if your employee has previously had the virus of not. Thus, helping identify those who may have been “silent carriers”. 

Scientific research is ongoing into whether previous infections signify that the person has developed a potential immunity to the virus. At this stage, scientific consensus continues to be that immunity remains unconfirmed.

Utilising a combination of both tests provides your company with a wealth of crucial information in which to make well-informed strategic steps to start safely implementing a phased return to work.

What can The Doctors Clinic Group provide?

  • PCR(Active virus) and antibody tests.
  • Pre-Travel (PCR Swabs) and Post Travel test (Day 2 and Day 8 tests, Test to Release). 
  • On-Site, in clinic and self-test testing kits available.
  • Samples analysed by an accredited laboratory.
  • PCR Swabs with 99% sensitivity and specificity and 99% accurate antibody tests.
  • Results shared with the patient and company. 
  • Positive results reported to Public Health England.


Discounts are available for all key worker companies and bulk orders. Tests are also available to be purchased on an individual basis. Employees, friends or family can simply order directly from our website.

How accurate are the Covid-19 tests and what level of quality are they?

We are a CQC regulated medical services provider all our tests are fully compliant with government guidelines and have been approved for use by Public Health England.

We recommend using a lab-based test for safer and more accurate results. Lab-based tests guarantee that results are analysed in a controlled, sterile environment with minimum risk of contamination.

We will continue to explore instant results testing options and may offer alternative kits in future if we are satisfied with the clinical accuracy and safety of the test.

If you would like to discuss our testing capability further contact our dedicated corporate team by completing the form below.

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