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Corporate Wellness Screens

Improving the health & productivity of your employees with our corporate wellness screens. 

Ensuring your employees are healthy and supported is an important role you play as an employer. Our new virtual wellness screens utilise the latest health monitoring technology and allow our team of medical experts to monitor the health and wellbeing of your team via a cloud portal. The workplace is a critical and influential place for your employee’s health so it’s no surprise that companies that promote wellness amongst their employees  have a happier and more productive workforce. Factors such as mental health, sleep, and physical activity should be considered equally. 

In addition to having a more efficient workforce, maintaining a holistic wellness approach can save the UK economy £38.6 billion per year as it significantly reduces the cost of presenteeism and sleep-related absenteeism.  


The importance of sleep for your employees 

The average adult in the UK only gets 6 hours and 19 minutes sleep a night. Over time, this has a detrimental impact on your employee’s mental and physical wellbeing. A lack of sleep increases the risk of anxiety, depression, diabetes, immune deficiencies, stroke, and more.  

Sleep also influences the productivity and work of your employees as sleep deprivation can lead to lower engagement, poor decision making and reduced creativity.   


How can we help 

Our unique Wellness Screen brings the latest monitoring technology to you and your employees and allows our medical experts to monitor their overall wellness with the Oura Ring. 

The Oura Ring is an advanced technology that tracks the body’s movement, pulse, and temperature all through a small ring that fits seamlessly into the daily life of your employees. 

At a very top level, the wellness screen tracks heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature, sleep duration and quality, sleep cycles (REM and NREM), daily activity and readiness for the next day. There are 41 individual data points that it tracks every single day.

The sleep screen provides an in-depth look at how your team sleeps as well as other health indicators. The sleep screen is available as a one-month screen or an ongoing 12-month support program. Our sleep screens can be delivered in our clinics, onsite or virtually. 

Our medical experts collect multiple data points through the Oura Ring, assess and subsequently provide your team feedback on: 

  • General health and wellbeing   
  • Sleep quantity and quality   
  • Mental health and stress   


What are the benefits of our wellness screens for employers?  

There are several ways an employer can promote healthy wellness habits in the workplace. Above all, our virtual wellness screens are a great first step to ensure your team are as healthy as possible. The benefits include:  

  • Reduces the cost of presenteeism and sleep-related absenteeism 
  • Highlights any areas of concerns in the physical and mental health of your individual employees. 
  • Data-driven wellness and screenings to improve the health and wellbeing of your teams. As a result, they can perform better at work and in life. 
  • We offer a 360 corporate wellbeing package with easy onward referrals to specialists where necessary. 
  • Robust mental health pathway to help you tackle stress and anxiety within your workforce to reduce the impact on their quality of sleep. This includes rapid referral to mental health specialists if required. 
  • We also offer a full suite of occupational health services for ongoing monitoring and support.


Contact our corporate team for more information on how we can help improve the productivity and efficiency of your employees with our wellness screens. You can call us on 020 8712 3762 or you can also email us. 




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