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Covid 19 Spike Antibody Test


COVID-19 Spike Antibody Test

Private Spike Antibody Test | Private Anti SARS CoV-2 S Test

We are now able to offer a quantitative spike (S) protein antibody test, also known as the Anti SARS CoV-2 S test.

The Elecsys® Anti SARS CoV-2 S test allows us to measure both the presence and level of antibodies to the COVID spike protein.

Our test is run at London’s largest and most reputable UKAS ISO15189 accredited laboratory and is manufactured by one of the global leaders in COVID testing.

What is the Spike Antibody Test for?

Testing for general IgG antibodies against SARS CoV-2, (also known as an (N) protein antibody test) has helped us to better understand how many people have been affected by COVID-19 and learn about their immune response.

By offering the new spike antibody test, we hope to allow individuals to understand even more about their antibody status and how their antibody levels may change with time.

Many vaccines aim to cause an antibody response against the spike protein. By testing spike protein levels before vaccination and then at intervals afterwards, we may be able to better understand how different individuals respond to vaccines.

How accurate is the Spike Antibody Test?

The Anti SARS CoV-2 S test is most accurate when taken 14 days or more after exposure to COVID-19 or vaccination. The Elecsys® Anti SARS CoV-2 S has internally validated and has been shown to be 99.98% Sensitive and 98.8% Specific in samples taken 14 days or later after positive PCR test. The presence or absence of antibodies does not definitively determine immunity to SARS CoV-2 but helps to numerically measure an individual’s antibody response.

It is important to note that not everyone who has COVID-19 or has been vaccinated will develop detectable antibodies.

How do I get a Spike Antibody Test?

The Anti SARS CoV-2 S test is a simple blood test that we can do at any of our private GP clinics. Simply book an appointment at a time, and location, that suits you. We’ll email you with your results within 2-3 days. 

How much does a Spike Antibody Test cost?

The test costs £70 which includes the GP appointment and laboratory analysis cost.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Spike Antibody Test cost?

A Spike Antibody test costs £70 which includes the doctor appointment. 

When will I get my results?

Results will be shared with you within 2-3 days.

Please note we cannot be held responsible for any laboratory processing delays. 

Does it show me if I'm immune to COVID?

There are several studies underway to better understand the antibody response following infection to SARS-CoV-2. 

It is still unclear if antibodies will provide immunity (complete protection against COVID-19). 

We understand that the levels of antibodies can vary from one person to the next following infection or vaccination. The studies are exploring the level of antibodies needed to provide protection and reduce the severity of illness from COVID-19

Where can I get an appointment?

You book an appointment at any of our GP clinics.  Simply click the book button and choose the most convenient time and location for you.