China Duo Test | COVID-19 PCR Swab and IgM Antibody Test

COVID Entry Requirements for China | China Duo Test

Please note the China Duo Test is temporarily unavailable.

Currently, anyone travelling to China requires reports of their nucleic acid (COVID-19) and IgM (antibody) tests from the same service provider. This means you must have combined negative PCR swab and IgM antibody test to enter the country.

At London Doctors Clinic, we are offering a PCR swab and IgM antibody combination test which are suitable for the COVID entry requirements for China. This combination test needs to be taken within 48 hours of travelling to China.  

The combination test detects whether you currently have and/or previously had COVID-19.  


Book your COVID Entry Requirements to China Duo Test

Please check Government travel advice before booking your test.

Test Location Price
COVID PCR Swab and IgM in Birmingham £299 inc. appointment

Temporarily Unavailable

COVID PCR Swab and IgM in Chislehurst £299 inc. appointment

Temporarily Unavailable

COVID PCR Swab and IgM in Waterloo £299 inc. appointment

Temporarily Unavailable


What does the combination test involve?  

The combination test requires a 20-minute appointment. The test will be taken by a nurse and involves both a nasal and mouth swab, in addition to a venous blood sample collection. 

You will receive your results via email, with the certificate you can use for your flight to China. 

Where can I get the combination test to meet the COVID entry requirements for China?  

The combination test can only be done in our Waterloo, Chiselhurst and Birmingham clinics.  We are currently not offering this or any other COVID-19 testing service at any other clinic.  

How much does the combination test cost for travel to China?

The cost of the combination test is £299. This includes both the COVID-19 PCR swab test and IgM antibody test. This price included the consultation cost. 

I have already had a PCR test, can I just take the antibody test?  

Absolutely! The IgM antibody test for entry into China must be done in-clinic and is available in all of our clinics (excluding Waterloo). The price of this test is £139 (including appointment cost). 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to carry out both tests?

Under the current regulations, the reports must come from the same provider. This means the provider must guarantee both test reports rather than you must have the test at the same place. 

Ie. if you have the PCR swab at Clinic A and antibody test at Clinic B. Clinic B would have to guarantee the test reports from both Clinic A and Clinic B in order to meet the entry requirements. 

You may find for ease of booking that having one provider do both tests is a smoother process. 

How much is the COVID Combination Test?

For both COVID PCR swab and IgM antibody test it costs £299. 

How much is just the IgM antibody test?

The antibody test in clinic costs £139. This test must be done in the clinic in order to meet with the Chinese requirements. 

Where can I find out more information

You can find out more from the Government website.

Can I get a refund if my flight is cancelled?

No. Please check you are able to travel and any travel restrictions before booking you China Duo Test.