Home Lateral Flow Tests

Private Lateral Flow Testing Packs

Please note these lateral flow tests are for non-travel purposes only.

Free NHS lateral flow testing for the general public ends on April 1st, 2022. London Doctors Clinic is now offering lateral flow test kits for at-home use. These kits include 5 or 25 individual lateral flow tests and can be ordered using the link below.
Boxes of 5 and 25 lateral low tests can be ordered for home delivery. Both box sizes incur a £2.99 delivery fee.

Our home lateral flow testing kits are easy to use and include everything you need to collect your sample. Once you have taken the sample, you will get your test results within 15 minutes.

These non-travel lateral flow tests will give you peace of mind that you do not currently have Covid-19. So, whether you want to take a test before you see family or meet with friends, these quick home lateral flow tests offer complete reassurance and can come with you wherever you go.

Please note that these lateral flow test packs are for non-travel purposes. A travel certificate is not provided.

What’s included per test?

  • 1 lateral flow test  
  • 1 extraction buffer tube 
  • 1 disposable swab 
  • 1 waste bag  

How much do the test kits cost?  

Boxes of 5 cost £15 and boxes of 25 cost £75. Both sizes will also have a delivery charge of £2.99. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my result mean?

You will get your results within 15 minutes. If your result is negative, you’ll see one line next to the C. If your result is positive, there will be 2 lines. One line next to the C and another next to the T. If your result is void, there will be no lines or one line next to the T

How many lateral flow tests come in a pack?

You can choose between two size boxes, 5 or 25. Boxes of 5 cost £15 and boxes of 25 cost £75. Both sizes will also have a delivery charge of £2.99. 

How do I get my lateral flow tests?

The lateral flow tests will be delivered directly to your chosen address for £2.99. 

What is the difference between a lateral flow test and a pre-travel PCR test?

Both tests check to see if the Covid-19 virus is currently present, and both are incredibly accurate. Unlike the PCR test, a lateral flow test does not need to be processed in the laboratory. A lateral flow test is ideal for when a quick result is required, offering reassurance that you currently don’t have Covid-19.  

Lateral flow tests are for people without symptoms to regularly check if someone has covid. They pick up antigen which is a body response to covid. PCR tests have to be sent to a lab to sequence the genetic material to pick variants of concern.

Is this home lateral flow test suitable for travel?

No. If you need a negative lateral flow test to meet international travel requirements, we offer a pre-travel supervised Covid lateral flow test via a video appointment. Learn more here