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What is the Covid-19 Coronavirus Swab Test?

The coronavirus swab test is the antigen test that shows whether you have the active virus (SARS-CoV-2) or not. If your test comes back positive it means you currently have the virus. If it comes back negative, you do not currently have the virus.



How does the COVID-19 swab test work?

The swab test works by collecting cells from the back of the throat and nose, which are the sites where the virus replicates, via a swab. The laboratory then puts the swabs in a solution to release the cells. The genetic code of the cells is then matched with the genetic code of COVID-19. The technique used to test the swabs is called a polymerase chain reaction, which is why they’re called PCR swab tests.

When should you have a coronavirus swab test?

You should have a COVID-19 swab test if you currently have symptoms of coronavirus. The most common symptoms remain a sudden loss of smell and taste, a continuous cough, fever, and shortness of breath. You can read more about the symptoms here.

Some new symptoms have also emerged including rashes, diarrhoea/nausea and “COVID Toes”. Due to the fact that the novelty of the virus, research is still ongoing into symptoms across different populations.  

What are the different options of swab test I can get?

Getting a COVID PCR Swab is usually a worrying time as you would like to get your results as quickly as possible. With this in mind, we have worked with our partner lab to provide three swabs with different turnaround times so you can choose the one most suited to you. 

Results turnaround from the swab tests are calculated from receipt of the sample at the lab. If you or someone in your household has symptoms but don’t have the test results back yet, you should continue to self-isolate for the 10-day period. 

In the rare event that your Superfast pre-departure Covid PCR swab is delayed, we’ll refund you the difference between what you paid and the turnaround time you received.

What is the private Same Day COVID Swab test?

Our new Superfast COVID PCR swab test guarantees you your results on the same day you take the test. Our test is unique as we use our in-house Point of Care machine to analyse the results in 4-6 hours. Our Point of Care machine uses the same CE marked, PHE-approved technology as used by Randox Laboratories used for the NHS testing programmes. 

Our Superfast  PCR swab tests have been shown to be 98% Sensitive and 100% Specific. 

How reliable is the coronavirus swab test?

The swab test we have chosen with our partner lab show a minimum sensitivity of 98% and specificity of 100%, with no reactivity with other viruses. We continue to work with our lab and our clinicians to ensure our test offers the highest accuracy and safety for our patients.

What should I do if I think I have had coronavirus now but no longer have symptoms?

If you think you have had coronavirus, you should choose the antibody test. The coronavirus antibody test will show you if you have previously had COVID-19 as you will have IgG antibodies. The antibody test is best taken 14 days or more after the first onset of symptoms. If you test positive on the antibody test is does not mean you are immune, and you should continue to follow government guidelines on social distancing.

If someone in your household has tested positive and currently has symptoms but you do not, you should have the PCR swab test. This is because you can be infectious before the onset of symptoms and therefore you may have COVID-19.


Order or Book a Private COVID-19 Swab Test

Our home swab tests for members of the public are £99 including postage fee*. Tests are only available for UK shipping. 

We also offer in-clinic PCR swab tests in select clinics for anyone not currently showing symptoms. if you are currently showing symptoms please do not come into the clinic and order a home test instead


Frequently Asked Questions

How do the home swab tests work?

Testing kits are sent to you by post and are simple to use. You simply take a swab from your nose and back of the throat following the instructions provided. You send your swabs back to our laboratory for analysis and results should be with you 3 working days from receipt of the sample at the lab.

Please note we cannot be held responsible for turnaround times and no refunds will be available where tests are delayed due to lab processing.

Which swab tests are suitable for travel?

Please check the government website or your destination for entry/exit requirements and details of specific test acceptance.

On some occasions, samples may require re-testing, please ensure you leave enough time between your flight and test time.

When will I get my results?

Our Next Day PCR swabs have guaranteed result by 8pm the next working day

Our Superfast PCR swab have guaranteed results in 4-6 hours.

Results for COVID-19 home PCR swab test usually take within 48 hours from receipt of the sample at the lab, however in times of high demand results may take longer.

Positive results will automatically be notified to Public Health England

Your results will be shared with you through our patient portal, please provide a personal rather than work email address to avoid delays in receiving your results. Please do check your junk/spam folders if you think you should have received your results.

We are unable to guarantee turnaround times for our postal tests and no refunds can be given for results that are delivered outside of stated timescales.

When will I get my home test kit?

Your home test kit is sent via Royal Mail Tracked 24 and you will receive it within 1-2 working days. 

You can choose to upgrade your delivery to Courier & Collect for an additional £45. This means your test will be couriered to you the next working day, the courier will wait outside for up to 20 minutes while you take your sample and then the courier will return the test to the laboratory for analysis. 


Is my COVID-19 swab test refundable?

Tests that have been opened or used cannot be refunded due to personal safety and hygiene reasons. 

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