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Do. Life. Well.

LDC in the Community – Do. Life. Well.

“To be human is to stay alive and be as pain free as possible.” We find ourselves in a state of disease:
  • a disorder of structure or function, especially one that produces
  • specific symptoms or that affects a specific location and is
  • not simply a direct result of physical injury
  And, DIS–EASE:
  • a particular disposition regarded as adversely affecting
  • a person/group of people
  • This state of disease impacts our bodies, minds and souls and sometimes all at once.
And, we want to feel at ease:
  • at peace knowing that everything is OK.
  • absence of difficulty or effort
  • absence of rigidity or discomfort; poise
  • freedom from worries or problems: a life of wealth and ease
At London Doctors Clinic, we are proactively engaged in both the social and medical communities, helping raise awareness to take away the stigmas of conditions, treating the disadvantaged with our charity in Darsilameh, The Gambia, and encouraging safer, happier, and healthier lives. That is why our motto is Do. Life. Well. It captures that feeling of just leaving the doctor, feeling free of the anxiety of uncertainty. And while many associate healthcare with white lab coats, we associate healthcare with life, with spirit, with the freedom to life your life, and live it well. If you would like to get involved and join the LDC team on any of these initiatives, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] Here are some of our featured pages:

Monthly Calendar

LDC in the Community

Here are some of our featured pages:
Monthly FocusNational Osteoporosis Month1st-30st
Weekly FocusBritish Heart Week7th-15th
Diabetes Week14th-20th
Daily FocusWorld Eating Disorder Action Day2nd
World Blood Donor Day14th
World Sickle Cell Day19th
Monthly FocusInternational Group B Strep Awareness Month1st-31st
Weekly FocusNational Childhood Obesity Week3rd-9th
Monthly FocusPsoriasis Awareness Month1st-30th
Weekly FocusWorld Breastfeeding Week1st-6th
Daily FocusInternational Left Handers Awareness Day13th
Monthly FocusLeukaemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month1st-31st
Reys’s Syndrome Awareness Month1st-31st
Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month1st-31st
Weekly FocusNational Eczema Week13th-21st
Sexual Health Week17th-23rd
Daily FocusWorld Heart Day29th
Monthly FocusLupus Awareness Month1st-31st
Rett Syndrome Awareness Month1st-31st
Weekly FocusNational Arthritis Week9th-16th
Dyspraxia Awareness Week9th-15th
Daily FocusWorld Mental Health day10th
World Food Day16th
Monthly FocusMovember1st-30th
Weekly FocusAlcohol Awareness Week14th-20th
National HIV Testing Week 21st-27th
Daily FocusWorld Pancreatic Cancer Day13th
World COPD Awareness Day16th
International Students Day 17th
Monthly FocusDecembeard1st-31st
Weekly FocusAnger Awareness Week2nd-7th
National Influenza Vaccination Week 6th-11th
New Years Resolution Weeks27th-7th
Daily FocusWorld AIDS Day1st
International Day of Persons with Disabilities3rd
Monthly FocusDry January1st-31st
Weekly FocusNew Years Resolution Weeks27th-7th
Daily FocusFestival of Sleep3rd
National Obesity Awareness Day9th
STI Awareness Day14th
Monthly FocusRaynaud’s Awareness Month1st-28th
Weekly FocusTinnitus Awareness Week3rd-10th
Daily FocusWorld Cancer Day4th
Monthly FocusOvarian Cancer Awareness Month1st-31st
Prostate Cancer Awareness Month1st-31st
Weekly FocusEating Disorder Awareness Week27th-3rd
Endometriosis Awareness Week3rd-9th
World Glaucoma Week12th-18th
Nutrition and Hydration Week13th-19th
National Salt Awareness Week20th-26th
Daily FocusWorld Kidney Day9th
Monthly FocusSarcoidosis Awareness Month1st-30th
Weekly FocusParkinson’s Awareness Week18th-24th
Allergy Awareness Week25th-1st
World Autism Awareness Week27th-2nd
Daily FocusWorld Health Day7th
World Day for Safety and Health at Work28th
Monthly FocusHay Fever and Allergen Treatment Month1st-31st
Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month1st-31st
Hepatitis Awareness Month1st-31st
Weekly FocusDystonia Awareness Week3rd-11th
Mental Health Awareness Week8th-14th
Daily FocusInternational Day of Families15th