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Darsilameh Medical Charity


Darsilameh Medical Charity

LDC in Partnership with Darsilameh Medical Charity


Mission statement: “Healthcare for all, for as long as we can, in a sensible way, with what we can give.”

The village of Darsilameh is located 25km away from Basse Sante Su, a town in Gambia. While those in the city have access to basic clinics and hospitals, such services are not always available to those in rural areas.

Darsilameh Medical Charity, created in March 2015, was a culmination of 2 years worth of effort by Mohamed Gakou and his father, to bridge this gap and bring basic healthcare to the people of Darsilameh.

The charity took form after Mohamed met Dr. Seth Rankin (our founder) at the Wandsworth Medical Centre and convinced him to offer his support for Darsilameh Medical Charity.


Seth Ranking - Charity


How to Give

Our charity Sustainable Medical Charities International is registered in the UK as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with the registered number of 1165506

Sustainable Medical Charities International’s entire resources are supporting Darsilameh Medical Charity

The charity’s bank account details are:

Bank: HSBC

Acct Name: Sustainable Medical Charities

Sort Code: 40-07-30

Acct No: 62390868


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