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LDC in the Community

LDC in the Community

Here are some of our featured pages:


Monthly Focus National Osteoporosis Month 1st-30st
Weekly Focus British Heart Week 7th-15th
  Diabetes Week 14th-20th
Daily Focus World Eating Disorder Action Day 2nd
  World Blood Donor Day 14th
  World Sickle Cell Day 19th



Monthly Focus International Group B Strep Awareness Month  1st-31st
Weekly Focus National Childhood Obesity Week 3rd-9th 


Monthly Focus Psoriasis Awareness Month  1st-30th 
Weekly Focus World Breastfeeding Week  1st-6th
Daily Focus  International Left Handers Awareness Day 13th


Monthly Focus Leukaemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month  1st-31st 
  Reys’s Syndrome Awareness Month 1st-31st
  Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month 1st-31st
Weekly Focus National Eczema Week  13th-21st 
  Sexual Health Week 17th-23rd 
Daily Focus  World Heart Day  29th


Monthly Focus Lupus Awareness Month  1st-31st
  Rett Syndrome Awareness Month 1st-31st
Weekly Focus National Arthritis Week 9th-16th
  Dyspraxia Awareness Week 9th-15th
Daily Focus  World Mental Health day 10th
  World Food Day  16th


Monthly Focus Movember 1st-30th
Weekly Focus Alcohol Awareness Week 14th-20th
  National HIV Testing Week 21st-27th
Daily Focus World Pancreatic Cancer Day 13th
  World COPD Awareness Day 16th
  International Students Day 17th
Monthly Focus Decembeard 1st-31st
Weekly Focus Anger Awareness Week 2nd-7th
  National Influenza Vaccination Week 6th-11th
  New Years Resolution Weeks 27th-7th
Daily Focus World AIDS Day 1st
  International Day of Persons with Disabilities 3rd
Monthly Focus Dry January 1st-31st
Weekly Focus New Years Resolution Weeks 27th-7th
Daily Focus Festival of Sleep 3rd
  National Obesity Awareness Day 9th
  STI Awareness Day 14th


Monthly Focus Raynaud’s Awareness Month 1st-28th
Weekly Focus Tinnitus Awareness Week 3rd-10th
Daily Focus  World Cancer Day 4th


Monthly Focus Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month 1st-31st
  Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 1st-31st
Weekly Focus Eating Disorder Awareness Week 27th-3rd
  Endometriosis Awareness Week 3rd-9th
  World Glaucoma Week 12th-18th
  Nutrition and Hydration Week 13th-19th
  National Salt Awareness Week 20th-26th 
 Daily Focus World Kidney Day 9th


Monthly Focus Sarcoidosis Awareness Month 1st-30th
Weekly Focus Parkinson’s Awareness Week 18th-24th
  Allergy Awareness Week 25th-1st
  World Autism Awareness Week 27th-2nd
Daily Focus World Health Day 7th
  World Day for Safety and Health at Work 28th


Monthly Focus Hay Fever and Allergen Treatment  Month 1st-31st
  Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month 1st-31st
  Hepatitis Awareness Month 1st-31st
Weekly Focus Dystonia Awareness Week 3rd-11th
  Mental Health Awareness Week 8th-14th
 Daily Focus International Day of Families 15th