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Online Doctors

Online Doctor Consultations: A Misleading Convenience


Everything seems to be shifting onto the Internet. Whether it's books, movies or even education, the Internet seems to have it all. But should private doctors and healthcare also move online or be done over the phone? As appealing as the idea may seem, online consultations are severely limited. By not being there in person, their examination of your health is directed by what you show or tell the doctors. As such, they may be able examine the issue you show to them over the camera, but not catch other issues that might be caught by a physical exam done by doctors in Person.


With our convenient locations within short walks from the major London transport hubs, London Doctors Clinic provides the same convenience, affordable price, and perhaps most importantly, a much range of GP services that only an in-person London GP can provide such as tests, investigations, and more thorough consultations. As such, we at the London Doctors Clinic recommend booking our private same day service. It offers all the convenience of an online doctor, via our 8 private London clinic locations which can be booked up until the last minute we are sure to have a clinic near you or your workplace.


Let's say that you do get an online appointment instead of going to the GP, you are sitting in front of a doctor explaining or showing your issue, with the doctor listening carefully. You turn away for a second and when you turn back to them, they are frozen in place, pixilated or even worse have completely disappeared. This is the experience that online consultations provide. One reliant on having no issues with your broadband or your surroundings being quiet enough for the doctor and you to be able to explain the situation. These are one of the many reasons why visiting your GP anchored in reality is better than one anchored by your broadband.


So book a 15 minute appointment for £55 that has all of the benefits of a same day Doctor!


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