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Scuba Medical

Scuba Diver Medical Certificates

So, you're going Scuba diving? Lucky you! But don't forget, some Scuba courses & schools require a Fitness to Dive Medical Certificate, before divers take the plunge!

Some groups, such as the Professional Association of Diving Instructor (PADI) have a fairly straight-forward form, which our convenient London GPs require just a 15-minutes consultation to declare the applicant Fit to Dive, costing just £55!

Other scuba schools have more extensive forms, requiring some or all of the following:

  • Chest X-Ray*
  • Spirometry - £20
  • Extensive blood analyses
  • Urinalysis
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) - £35

Any Medical Forms requiring the above tests will likely require a 30-minute appointment, costing just £90, with additional costs for the above services.

For any Medical Exams requiring a Chest X-Ray, the GP will provide a referral to our partner clinic nearby who are able to provide X-Rays, which costs £65.

So, simply book in online for a 15 or 30-minute GP consultation, or give us a call or email for more information.

A 15-minute Medical Exam & Certificate costs just £55!

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