The Doctors Clinic Group Acquired by Spire Healthcare Group Plc

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Spire?

Spire has an excellent reputation in healthcare. Like DCG, it is regulated by the CQC and 98% of its inspected locations are rated ‘good,’ ‘outstanding’ or the equivalent in Scotland and Wales. Spire is the UK’s largest private hospital group by turnover with 39 hospitals and a small number of clinics in England, Wales and Scotland. It has around 15,000 colleagues, works in partnership with around 8,150 consultants and helped almost 870,000 patients with personalised healthcare needs within the NHS and private sectors in 2021. Its purpose is to make a positive difference to people’s lives through outstanding personalised care.

Will joining Spire affect any of my appointments or treatment?

No, any booked appointments or planned treatment will carry on for you as normal. Both Spire and DCG have continuity of patient care as our top priority.

How will I benefit from the acquisition?

The acquisition will help us grow as a business more rapidly than before, including new clinic locations to give you greater choice and flexibility and improve the service that we offer. In time, patients will also be able to use Spire’s clinics as well as our existing ones.

A key benefit for patients needing specialist or secondary care is that we will be able to refer you into Spire’s hospitals and clinics. You will also still be able to get an open referral or a referral into another healthcare provider.

For our corporate clients, we will also be improving and expanding our offering and the services we provide to clients and their employees.

Will I be able to use Spire’s clinics?

Yes, we will create one network of clinics all of which will be available for our patients. We’re delighted to be able to offer increased locations for patients to see a doctor face to face as we know there is strong demand for this service. We’ll share more details in due course.

Will you introduce new services?

We are always looking to innovate and improve the breadth of health and wellness services we offer, and this won’t change now we are part of Spire.

Will I have to use Spire if I need a referral or specialist care?

No, our doctors will continue to provide an open referral and you are free to use any private provider you choose for your onward care.

Is Spire approved to use with my health insurance policy

Please check the individual details of your policy or speak to your provider to clarify what is covered.

Will you rebrand to Spire?

Yes, although you’ll continue to see our current brands including London Doctors Clinic, Doctors Clinic Group, Maitland Medical and Soma Health for now. We’ll quickly start to identify as part of Spire on our website and some other key communications or materials. Different sub brands may rebrand to Spire at different points.

Will my data be shared with Spire?

We would like to reassure you that we are not making changes to how we process your data. We have updated our Privacy Policy to reflect joining Spire and you can find details here.

If you have given your consent for a referral into a Spire hospital or clinic your data may be shared for continuity of care and to support clinical decision making.

Your data may also be used by properly authorised employees within Spire to meet other clinical governance, audit or IT security requirements necessary to run the business. Occupational Health records will remain separate from GP patient records in line with our current policy.

Payment information will not be shared.

I am a corporate client. Will my contract now be with Spire?

No, your contract will remain with DCG and its subsidiaries.

Will the service I receive for Occupational Health be affected?

No, Occupational Health Services will continue to be provided as normal by trained OH specialists under Maitland Medical and Soma.

Will your clinical staff now be employed by Spire?

No, all employees will remain employed by a DCG company.