Who are London Doctors Clinic

About Us

Now part of the Spire Healthcare Group, we are London Doctors Clinic, an integrated healthcare provider. As well as London Doctors Clinic for our GP business within the London area you may also come across our Spire Occupational Health brand.  Our parent company, Spire, is the UK’s largest private hospital group by turnover with 39 hospitals and a small number of clinics in England, Wales, and Scotland. 

Our core belief is that your health is the most important thing you have. We also know that too often, life gets in the way, and we struggle through, and health gets put on hold. We’re here to change that because we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to put their health first. 

Our patients are everyone from consumers to employees of large and small businesses, overseas visitors who need medical care whilst travelling, and patients with health insurance. We’re here to help patients get fast access to the best care and medical advice they need in a way that is convenient for their busy lives.  

We are proud to have over 700 corporate clients whom we support in looking after the health of their employees and reducing the cost and impact of sickness absence at work. Via our Occupational Health services, we help ensure employees are fit and healthy at work and help employers meet regulatory requirements for health and safety standards. 

We have an excellent team of clinicians including doctors, nurses, healthy lifestyle advisors, and occupational health professionals who deliver care, treatment and advice to our patients and clients. We are regulated by the CQC and are SEQOHS accredited. We’re also a member of The Independent Healthcare Providers Network, the representative body for independent healthcare providers. This means we can continually improve the quality and safety of care we provide to our patients by being part of a medical network that supports each other and shares key insights and information on the industry. 

We offer a diverse range of healthcare services, many of which can be delivered remotely as well as in person. Our primary care offering includes GP appointments, blood tests, sexual health, men’s and women’s health, vaccinations, health and wellness screens, weight management, visa medicals and hay fever treatments. 

We can also offer access into secondary or specialist consultant care, including diagnostics, physio, dermatology, mental health, and cardiology.  

Our Occupational Health offering includes new starter assessments, fitness to work assessments, back to work support and health surveillance, and we also support wider wellness programmes. We pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions which are both cost effective and ensure compliance with workplace health and safety regulations.  


If you would like more information, please contact [email protected].