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15 Minutes Face to Face Appointment

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Most medical enquiries can be answered in a 15 minute appointment
Appointment length Weekday Weekend & Bank Holidays
15 minutes £75 £90

15 Minute Private GP Consultation

This is our usual appointment length and is appropriate for most occasions when you come and see a GP for an opinion. With appointments from £75, it covers your consultation with a private GP and, if necessary, a referral to specialists. Many of the general medications can be dispensed by our private doctors at your consultation and the cost of this medication is tied to the real cost of medication which are generally less per item cost for NHS prescriptions. Blood tests, X-rays, MRI’S, Ultrasounds and other investigations will incur an extra to the consultation cost and will depend on the price of the investigation. Any other extra costs, separate from the consultation cost, will be made clear prior to incurring these costs and you will have a choice.

Appointment length Weekday Weekend & Bank Holidays
30 minutes £125 £155

30 Minute Private GP Consultation

If you need a longer consultation with one of our private doctors, we offer a 30 minute appointment with a GP. This length is perfect if you would like to explore lifestyle choices or more complicated medical forms, such as visas.
Appointment length Weekday Weekend & Bank Holidays
45 minutes £175 £210

45 Minute Private GP Consultation

This is for when you need a longer time with a Private GP. This is required usually required for Insurance medicals and some other medical forms. Though this can also be booked for an in-depth lifestyle assessment.
Appointment length Weekday Weekend & Bank Holidays
60 minutes £220 £250

60 Minute Private GP Consultation

This appointment is for when you need a fully comprehensive medical report from a doctor or you are worried about a variety of issues and would like to address them immediately.

We offer Blood Tests, STI Tests, Well Person Medical Screens, On-site Medications, and endless other GP Services at all 25 of our London clinics. For Covid-19 testing information please visit our Private Covid test page.


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Click on an appointment time for more information on the most affordable Private GP in London. Most consultations with our private doctors are 15 minutes at £75, though certain medicals and health screens can last longer. A full list of our Private GP services can be found here.