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We know that our health is the most important thing we have. However, too often it gets taken for granted and put on hold. That’s why we have created our membership packages, so you’ll have reassurance from knowing you always have access to expert medical advice wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Our membership packages mean you no longer need to worry about finding the time to see a GP in person or by video as you’ll have guaranteed same day access to a doctor. You can set your home clinic for faster online booking and book an appointment at a time that suits your lifestyle from anywhere, directly from your Apple or Android phone.

We currently offer two membership options.

  • Our Classic membership is ideal if you want complete peace of mind and total convenience for £5 a month.
  • Our Starter membership includes £10 off your first video or in-clinic GP appointment. You can upgrade to a Classic membership at any time too.

All you need to do to be eligible is sign up via our app. 


What’s included in the Membership plans?

Classic Membership

  • 1 inclusive GP appointment per year (worth from £89) and £10 off other GP appointments
  • Discounts on health and wellness screens
  • £20 off future services and appointments when you spend £150 or more
  • Priority access to services and priority member enquiries
  • Email a doctor service
  • Guaranteed video GP appointments within 4 hours and clinic GP appointments within 24 hours 
  • And more…

£5 per month 

Starter Membership

  • Sign up for free and get £10 off your first appointment or health service


The app and membership options are not available to Vitality members. Please book via the member zone.


How do I sign up for membership? 

Sign up and access the London Doctors Clinic membership plans using our London Doctors Clinic app. 

  • Simply download our app by searching for London Doctors Clinic on the App Store or Google Play and download it within seconds.  
  • Choose your membership, enter your details, and verify your email address.  
  • Set your home clinic and you can start booking appointments instantly. It’s that simple! 


Join today

Put your health first today by downloading our app to join the membership plan that suits you.

Simply click the buttons below to download.

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About our London Doctors Clinic app

Alongside your membership, you will now also have access to our app. The app has been designed to provide faster bookings, the ability to choose your “home” clinic, and regular wellness content, meaning you always have access to rapid medical advice from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the London Doctors Clinic app work?

With the London Doctors Clinic app, you can book an appointment straight from your mobile phone or tablet to see a GP in one of our clinics or via a video appointment. First, download the London Doctors Clinic app from the App Store or Google Play and choose your membership plan or continue as a guest.

To book an appointment, choose your clinic, or book a video GP appointment, and choose a date and time that suits you. Fill out a simple booking form and you’re booked.

What membership benefits do I get?

We offer a range of different memberships. Please check the above membership section for specific details. Members are eligible for selected discounts off appointments and services as well as special offers. Registered users benefit from faster bookings. Paid members also get access to membership servicing lines and the ability to email a doctor directly with any queries.

How do I sign up for membership on the London Doctors Clinic app?

Download the London Doctors Clinic app on your mobile device or tablet from the App Store or Google Play. Select your membership plan or continue as a guest. If you choose our Classic Membership, you will be asked to enter some registration details and will receive an email with a verification code, which you’ll need to access the app. You will then be asked to enter your payment details for the classic membership plan.

You will also be required to enter your registration details for the Starter Membership; however, no payment details are required for this membership.

How can I upgrade my membership?

You can upgrade from the Starter Membership to the Classic Membership at any time. Simply go to the “My Membership” section on the London Doctors Clinic app and choose your new membership.

How much does membership cost?

The Classic Membership costs £60 per year or £5 per month. The Starter Membership is free.

Can I use the app as a guest?

Yes, although you will not benefit from the app’s full functionality, including faster bookings.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership after the initial 12-month term. Please read our membership T&Cs for full details.

Who has access to the app?

Anyone who has access to an Apple or Android phone, or tablet can download the app from the App Store or Google Play and benefit from our membership plans.

How do I book a GP appointment for my family using the app?

It’s not currently possible to book appointments for under 18s via the app. Appointments for those under 18 will need to be booked through the website.

Can I log in on more than one device?

Yes, when you sign up for one of our membership plans, you will register your details and choose a password. You will then be able to access your membership from any Apple or Android device.

Can I get my test results via the app?

Tests results are shared via notifications which will link you to our secure results portal. You will need to access any results using your date of birth and email address supplied at the point of registration.

We will shortly be rolling out a new and improved My Results section of the app where you will have secure access to all your results and letters. 

Can I track my results via the app?

We will shortly be rolling out a new and improved My Results section of the app where you will be able to track the status of your results

How do I set or change my home clinic on the app?

Visit the ‘Account’ section and select ‘My profile.’ You will see the option to set your home clinic at the top of this screen. Save your details and the app will automatically show you appointments at your chosen clinic when you book.

How do I update my personal details on the app?

Visit the ‘My profile’ page under ‘Account’. You can update your details and save any changes there.

Where can I see my upcoming appointment on the app?

Your booking confirmation can be found in the notifications section of the London Doctors Clinic app. We will also send you an email and text message.

Does the app work offline?

You will need to be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or GPRS to use the London Doctors Clinic app.

What software versions do I need to run the app?

You need to be running on IOS 12 or Android 8.0 or above to use the London Doctors Clinic app.

Do I have to leave my current NHS GP if I sign up for membership?

No! When you see one of our private GPs, regardless of membership, you can also keep your relationship with your current NHS practice and doctor.

Are The Doctors Clinic Group and London Doctors Clinic the same company?

Yes, London Doctors Clinic is a trading name of The Doctors Clinic Group. Inside the M25, we operate under the London Doctors Clinic brand

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