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Dermatology nurse

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Our Story

Exciting news – We’re now part of Spire Healthcare Group.

London Doctors Clinic was set up in 2014. Our ethos is simple. We believe that health should never be put on hold and finding a convenient private GP should be as simple as it sounds. Life gets busy and people don’t always put their health first. London Doctors Clinic offers people fast and convenient access to a private GP in London and nationwide. We opened our first clinics in Waterloo and Soho in April 2014 and Oxford Street in October that same year. Today we have numerous clinics across London and nationwide.

Since opening, we have acquired Maitland Medical in 2021 and Soma Health in 2022, with both specialising in Occupational Health. In 2022, we were acquired by Spire Healthcare, one of the biggest private healthcare providers in the UK. We offer fully joined-up healthcare services from start to finish.

Our service offering has grown as we now offer video appointments, a range of secondary care service including physiotherapy, dermatology, and imaging services.

Our Culture

With London Doctors Clinic, there are opportunities for training and growth, we have access to candidates who we’ve known and helped their careers develop. We take pride in being an organisation that cares a lot about its employee’s mental health. We run wellness programs and initiatives to help promote this.

Our clients often tell us ‘we do things differently’ from other clinics. We believe this means that they appreciate and enjoy our services and our collaborative way of working. If you are our client, we will work hard to get to know you, understand your wider team and your working culture. We make sure we have a thorough understanding of the services provided by our clients and where it sits within our organisation and precisely what sort of person these products and services will best suit.

Our Values



Our vibe is upbeat. We all create a positive working environment.



We like to move quickly. We’re here to get things done properly.



We think big and shoot for the stars.



Think like a leader, act like a leader. We’re all role models, whatever our job title.



We back each other. We speak out confidently and are open and respectful.



You can count on us to own issues, be supportive and act with empathy.



You make a difference. We’re all part of one big team.

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