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Looking after our patients during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Keeping you, our doctors and our staff safe during this crisis is our highest priority.

Please do not book a face-to-face clinic appointment if you have a fever, new continuous cough or have recently lost your sense of smell/taste.

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Please note: COVID-19 Post Travel Tests include

  • Day 2 OR Day 8 COVID-19 Swab test (single test)  
  • Day 2 and Day 8 COVID-19 Swab test (two tests)  
  • Test to Release


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the Day 2 and Day 8 tests and the COVID-19 Test to Release?

Day 2 and Day 8 Post-Travel COVID-19 tests

All international arrivals to England must follow government rules on their return. What rules you must follow when you arrive in England from abroad depends on where you have been in the 10 days before you arrive and whether the country is on the green, amber or red list. Please check the government website here for the full list of green, amber and red countries.

At London Doctors Clinic, we offer flexible solutions to Covid travel tests including day 2 and 8 bundles plus separate day 2 and 8 tests, both in clinic and at home.

Book a day 2 and day 8 Covid travel test package or book your day 2 and day 8 tests separately at select clinics using the booking drop-down below. All arrivals to England must take a test on or before day 2 of the quarantine period for variant surveillance.

Please note that for the test package (day 2 AND 8), you are only required to book an appointment for your day 2 test. The day 8 test is booked when you attend the day 2 test appointment.

Please note if you are travelling from a red list country, please visit the government website here for more information.


CVOID-19 Test to Release

The Test to Release for International Travel scheme has been created to give patients the option to reduce the length of their self-isolation when they arrive in England from an amber list country.

Under this scheme, you have the opportunity to order a private coronavirus test and if your result is negative you can stop self-isolating. If you are arriving in England from an amber list country, you must self-isolate for 10 days when you arrive.

Your test should be booked before you travel to England. This is so you can enter details of the test when you opt into the scheme on the passenger locator form. If you decide to take part in the Test to Release scheme after you have arrived in England, You will need to complete another passenger locator form. Please visit the government website for more information. 

Please note the Test to Release scheme is separate from the Day 2 and Day 8 Covid testing.