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Corporate GP Services

At London Doctors Clinic, part of The Doctors Clinic Group, we know employees are finding it harder to fit in seeing a doctor around their busy schedules.

Providing your workforce easy and convenient access to on-site GP services is a great way for your employees to put their health first. Not only this, but it helps to minimise the impact on the business and cost of sickness.

We have 19 private GP clinics in London and the Midlands and, as well as our clinic services, we can provide onsite GP services, traditionally known as a company doctor. It’s the ideal solution so that your team can see a doctor at a time and place that suits them.

Our corporate healthcare service is competitively priced. You can choose between having a regular on-site clinic session, ad hoc clinic sessions or for a doctor to come on-site to talk to staff about general health. We will provide you with regular reports and data to help shape your employee wellbeing strategy.





Getting your workplace doctor set up

We’ll provide you with guidance and recommendations to find a suitable space at your office. We’ll also help with the setup to ensure there’s a private and comfortable consultation space for the patient and doctor.

As part of our onsite GP package, we provide an easy online booking process so your employees can book directly in with the doctors via an online portal. The bookings are managed by our secure patient clinical management software.

Employees can see the doctor on-site about any health concern. Whether it be a current concern, ailment or a general health and wellbeing matter. All our GPs have extensive training in mental health and can help identify acute stress disorders and other common workplace mental health issues. 

Where necessary our doctors will provide referrals to consultant specialists and can provide same-day referrals to our partner imaging and diagnostic centres. This can work alongside any private medical insurance cover your employees may have.

By working together, we can ensure that your onsite GP sessions run smoothly and efficiently. This service can be in conjunction with, or separately to, our corporate GP services to provide full GP cover for you and your people. 

Other GP on-site services

As well as GP appointments, our doctors can provide a range of other GP services, including regular health assessments, depending on your company’s needs.

Our services include:


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