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Tips for building mental resilience  

The ever-evolving workplace creates a range of stressors for employees to face. Whether it’s heavy workloads, tight deadlines, long hours, adopting new technologies, or experiencing periods of organisational change, these are all situations that can induce feelings of stress.   Stress can also be exasperated by external, personal stressors relating to family, grief, physical illness, […]

Our new clinic openings in Chiswick and Fulham

We are excited to announce that we are opening 2 new clinics in partnership with Randox. Our Chiswick and Fulham clinics are expanding our healthcare offerings with the addition of a new clinic room. The new clinics, located within key areas of London, will provide our patients with even greater access to high-quality healthcare services.

Skip the waits with same day private GP appointments available online or in clinic.

Summer wellness: Maintaining fitness and health in the summer months

It is important to encourage a healthy lifestyle throughout the year. While increased temperatures can make it harder to exercise in the summer, it can also be even more enjoyable with the right approach. Here are some tips to help you stay safe and maintain fitness during the summer months.