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Are you looking for a Hampstead Private GP? Our doctors practice in Hampstead offers a range of GP services that can be booked easily using our online booking portal. 

Our Hampstead private doctor is conveniently located in Hampstead Old Town Hall. Our services start from £89 for a 15-minute appointment; so whether you need rapid blood tests, sexual health advice or a quick referral to a specialist, our private GP Hampstead is there for you. 

We also offer the following services at our private doctor Hampstead: 

Blood Tests

London Doctors Clinic has a wide range of blood tests available. Our medical experts in Hampstead are there to advise on suitable blood tests depending on your concern,  You can see a full list of blood tests offered here.

Many of our blood tests are returned within 4 hours so you’re never left waiting. And, for those with busy schedules, we offer a range of home blood tests that can be done from home without having to see a GP. Find out more about our remote tests available.

Sexual Health 

We offer an array of sexual health checks at our private GP Hampstead. Our Discreet, comprehensive sexual health screenings are available at our Hampstead clinic and our quick results mean you’re never left worrying. 

Rapid Referrals

We can generally solve most issues in the clinic however if more specialist advice or investigation is needed, our GPs can provide you with a specialist referral letter that same day for no extra cost. 

Hampstead Clinic

More ℹ️ about this Clinic

213 Haverstock Hill, Belsize Park, London , NW3 4QP