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If you commute to and from Chislehurst or Bromley, you can now get access to a private GP. Our service offering includes a whole host of GP-led services, plus we can provide you quick access to consultants should you need specialist care.

If you need to see a doctor at short notice and you’re in the Chislehurst area, you can book online using our easy booking form or call us today.

Here’s a list of just some of the services we offer:

Blood tests

We have one of the most extensive lists of blood tests. We offer everything from common blood tests such as full blood count tests to more niche options such as our vegan diet test. What’s great that many of the results can be delivered to you within 48 hours by email or phone. Take a look at our private blood tests service

Sexual health

If you need to see a doctor in confidence about any sexual health related queries or concerns, we offer a 100% private and confidential service. We offer advice, support and same day sti testing with the option of fast-track results.

Video appointments

You can see a doctor from the comfort of your own home, if you’re abroad or if you’re stuck at work and can’t make it to a clinic with our video appointment service. Find out more about booking an online doctor

Specialist referrals

As well as our private GP consultations we can also connect you with our network of specialist consultants. We can provide same day referrals at no extra cost and we also have in-house podiatrists, gynaecologists and dermatologists that operate from our central London clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the clinic address?

Royal Parade, Chislehurst, Bromley, BR7 6NW

How do I get to the Chislehurst clinic via public transportation?

The nearest station is Chislehurst, which is a mile away from the clinic. You can catch the 269 or 162 bus outside the station and get off at the War Memorial stop.

How long is an appointment at the Chislehurst private doctors?

At the Chislehurst clinic, we offer same day appointments and all the same GP services as our other London Doctors Clinic locations. Our standard doctor appointment is 15 minutes, which in our experience is enough time to assist with most health queries, but you can always choose to have a longer appointment (up to 1 hour!) through our online booking form. Longer appointments are advised if you need a visa medical or are having a health screen.

Where is the closest pharmacy located?

While we do offer prescriptions services and a variety of different drugs at our clinics, the Chislehurst clinic is a  10 minute walk away from the nearest pharmacy.

Does the GP in Chislehurst offer health screens?

Yes. The Chislehurst clinic offers LifeSmart Health Screens including Vital Health Screens and Bronze Health Screens. The Chislehurst GP also offer COVID Health MOTs.

Is the GP in Chislehurst a walk-in clinic?

We offer same day doctor appointments, including at short notice, so you no longer need to put off your health concerns. Simply book a time that works for you by calling us or using our easy online booking system, which removes the hassle of the wait times present in other walk in clinics!

Does the Chislehurst clinic offer STD/STI testing?

We offer all of the same GP services at the Chislehurst clinic as the rest of our London Doctors Clinic locations, including talking to one of our doctors in full confidence about any sexual health concerns. We can carry out STI tests and offer a discreet service and deliver all results within 48 hours, with some tests as quick as 4-6 hours.

Are blood tests available at the Chislehurst private GP?

We offer an extensive array of blood tests at the Chislehurst Clinic. We can cover most common blood tests as well as more specific tests too. All you have to do is book an appointment, get tested and we’ll send a detailed report back to you within 48 hours. And if you’re ever in doubt, or need regular blood tests, we can do a multitude of blood tests, many with a rapid 4 – 6-hour results turnaround for your peace of mind.

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Chislehurst Clinic

More ℹ️ about this Clinic

Milestones, Royal Parade, Chislehurst, Bromley, BR7 6NW