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We can assist you with any areas of mental health and work with the best private specialists when more expertise is required. Whatever you are being troubled by, together you and our Doctors, we can find a way to help you cope with:

Medications can be dispensed by each GP at London Doctors Clinic where appropriate and reports written if needed. Book for the future or for a same day doctor appointment online or by phone.


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Depression can be caused by triggers of sadness, anxiety, stress or anger and can occur in anyone at any point in their lives. Although it has been observed that those with a family history of depression are more likely to suffer from it.

There are some common depression symptoms, although they do vary on the individual.

  • Sadness – This includes being easily upset or angered by your surroundings that leave you feeling irritated.
  • Insomnia – Finding it difficult to get to sleep and finding it hard to get out of bed are typical symptoms of depression.
  • Change in Appetite – This could be a reduction or and increasing in the consumption of food
  • Difficulty Concentrating – Whether you’re doing work, reading or just watching the television. This can also be combined with a general lack of motivation to engage in activities.
  • Drinking More than Usual – Drink can often been used for self-medicating purposes. However alcohol is in itself a depressant and can make the symptoms worse, along with the negative effects that drinking heavily poses.
  • Feeling Useless or Worthless – This strong personal feeling about oneself is strongly liked to depression, and can heavily impact how you function.
  • Hallucinations – In extreme cases of depression, sometimes people may experience events that they deem real and can be distressing or disturbing.

If you have a combination of these factors, or are feeling like you want to hurt yourself or are suicidal it is very important that you talk to someone. It is not uncommon for people with depression to feel emotionally overwhelmed and so it is of the greatest importance that you speak with a trusted friend, relative or doctor. But in an emergency there is always the crisis line or even A+E. Don’t forget: you are not alone and there is always someone willing to help.

If you would like to come see us about depression, our doctors will be more than happy to help you. Appointments start at 15 minutes for £55, but can be extended if necessary. Remember that the most important step in helping with depression is to talk about it to someone you trust, and then, if necessary, to come in for depression treatment when ready.



Anxiety is very common and affects large proportion of the population. It can show itself in many different forms such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias and panic attacks

Anxiety symptoms usually present themselves as constantly/commonly being stressed, irritated on edge. However they can manifest in different forms as well that are often overlooked. Anxiety can present itself muscle tension & pain, tiredness and generally feeling low.

There is lots of support available for anxiety. So if you do think that you may be suffering from anxiety don’t hesitate to book in an appointment with a doctor. London Doctors Clinic presents the best of care and will, if necessary, provide a private specialist referral. 15-minute consultations are only £55 so you can get about your life feeling better.


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